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Fair Couture

Fair Couture – Bags & Backpacks

Actually, Ben Bracher wanted to found a fair fashion label. Instead of bringing another brand onto the market, the Munich-based maker has been running his online shop Fair Couture since 2016, with which he gives exciting bag and backpack brands more visibility.

The idea behind fair couture? To make sustainable bags and backpacks more available for consumers. Because honestly? Who doesn’t prefer the (time-consuming) research curated by professionals in the Internet? That is why since 2016 on Fair Couture you can find both sophisticated and appealing, fairly produced alternatives to the conventional models on the market. It goes without saying that the portfolio is constantly being expanded. To discover new brands and exciting materials like cork, Oceanplastic and Bananatex.

“Green” bags and backpacks are available in all colors at Fair Couture. Since March 2020 also in their own concept store in Munich.

The brands listed on Fair Couture read like a who’s who of the sustainable bag and backpack industry. Everything is represented here that bag and backpack fans can only dream of. From established brands such as QWSTION (keyword: Bananatex), the German company VAUDE, which sets standards for an entire industry, through Swedish brands such as Sandqvist to the clean and functional backpacks from the Berlin label Ucon Acrobatics. Of course, the whiz kid GOT BAG, who works with fishermen in Indonesia and produces extremely well thought-out models made of marine plastic, should not be missing.

Fair couture? Bags and backpacks range with maximum depth

In the shop you will find a maximum but carefully curated range of sustainable bags and backpacks. Everything has been carefully selected to offer bag and backpack fans the best of the best. That means: every backpack and every bag is described and discussed in detail. In addition to dimensions, volume and weight, important details such as wearing comfort, possible uses, material properties and guarantee are important. Broken down in such detail that you can see the model in front of your inner eye even without a picture. And of course the story of the brand behind it.

Fair Couture

Roll-top, zipper, chest and / and waist belt, waterproof or vegan?

Perfect: the advisor. Because anyone who thought that a backpack is a backpack was far from it. Traveling, cycling (the ventilation must not be missing), weekend, office (laptop compartment) are just a few occasions when the backpack works as a companion. The Fair Couture makers reveal which model is the right one for which occasion in a personal conversation or in the backpack guide.

Also on offer: vegan bags and sustainable innovations made from recycled and upcycling materials.

Next step: Expand the shop in terms of product breadth and depth and exciting collaborations such as with the Impact Startup avoid waste from Hanover, which produces everyday companions such as drinking cups, lunch boxes, etc. with a less waste approach from exciting materials such as rice husks and oat straw.

How to get your bag

Classic in the online shop with subsequent (of course!) 100 percent climate-neutral shipping. Or with the help of the smart Pick & Collect system – choose online, pick it up in the store at Lothstrasse 20 in Munich (and discover the whole fair couture empire).

Get in touch: Ben is consistently pursuing his idea of ​​making sustainable bags and backpacks more readily available and is looking for business partners for Fair Couture who are also passionate about sustainability and fair fashion and who want to grow with Fair Couture. Would you like to take on responsibility and join Fair Couture as a co-founder? Please contact us at

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