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Andri Stocker

© Andri Stocker

Andri Stocker is the third in the group at PHYNE, the German eco-label from Mannheim, which started in 2017 to show that sustainable fashion can be interpreted in a modern way and implemented in an original way. The business economist came to fashion in the same way as a virgin bears a child. Because the textile industry and its working methods were completely foreign to him until then.

“Sustainability is a social challenge. Sustainable fashion must therefore be accessible to everyone, affordable, transparent and convincing in terms of quality in order to bring about the greatest possible change.” Andri Stocker

But that was precisely his motivation and perhaps also a certain advantage. Because after many years in the start-up and digital scene, he was looking for a new challenge and was able to tackle it without any “handicap”.

With Dirk Meycke, Andri Stocker had an experienced co-founder at his side, whose fashion experience he could always rely on. In his daily work, he sees himself primarily in the role of an enabler and works on establishing and expanding the structures and processes at PHYNE, so that sustainable fashion in general and PHYNE in particular can grow steadily and sustainably.