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About Companions

About Companions – timeless men’s fashion

With their label Frisur, Thies Meyer and Stephan Sunder-Plassmann gained over a decade of experience in sustainable collection development before they took the next step. From February 2021, the hairstyle men's line will become About Companions. Just as well designed. Just as timeless. But even more consistent in terms of sustainability.

For their Berlin minimal chic label Frisur Clothing, Thies Meyer and Stephan Sunder-Plassmann (who have been friends since 9th grade) designed women’s and men’s collections for over a decade. Fair production was a matter of course for the two visionaries from day one. Just like the fact that relationships with long-term partners based on trust are the key to success. And in February 2021, the two Berliners by choice will take the next step.

Frisur becomes About Companions.

The two had noticed the steadily growing demand for their men’s line. And since a corresponding range of low-impact men’s fashion was hardly represented on the market, they used their XL expertise and further developed their men’s line into About Companions. Timeless and sustainable classics designed to perfection that have closed the gap in the market.

About Companions

About Companions was created out of personal values. Fairness and longevity are part of the label’s self-image.

Right from the start, the two founders understood what fashion is about besides good design. The highest quality, which makes the garment a long-term companion, and responsible production. Together with a small team and 50 retailers, they are therefore launching the world’s first About Companions collection on February 4, 2021. Jackets, pants, tops, shirts and knitwear – 55 pieces that incorporate all of their ideas and demands on fashion.

About Companions turns timeless classics into long-term (and affordable!) Companions.

Sustainable and low-impact materials are used, two thirds of which are organic cotton and one third of Tencel and linen. Vegan, biodegradable, linen – so that you don’t have to search for a long time, each garment has a specially developed key and catchy icons to explain why it is sustainable. The long-lasting favorite pieces are designed in the Studio Store in the heart of Kreuzberg. They are produced fairly in family-run businesses in Šiauliai and Taurage in Lithuania as well as in Barcelos, Portugal, with whom there has been a long-standing, trusting friendship.

About Companions

Ken. Garwin. Alois. Every piece of clothing has a name. And each one tells its own story.

Thanks to their many years of experience in the development of textiles, Thies and Stephan can ensure that their products are made sustainably through and through. Need an example? The “Simon” shirt (each garment has a name) in the color camel is made from undyed, naturally pigmented organic cotton that has been watered with rainwater. It couldn’t be more natural.

In addition to quality, good design and a perfect fit are important steps towards longevity. The two About Companion makers prove that things can still be a little better with smart ideas such as the Repair Voucher. Because despite the best workmanship and high-quality materials, every piece can get signs of wear. In order to keep your favorite item in circulation for as long as possible, a lifetime repair voucher is included with every item of clothing.

About Companions – long lasting relationships with ethical menswear.

And because sustainability is a process, they are working on continuous GOTS certification, even more transparency with regard to sourcing and production facilities and a clothing care guide for consumers.

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