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3IN1 Coat by akjumii – support now

The two akjumii designers have continuously optimized their claim to fair and sustainably produced slow fashion over the past few years. With the launch of the 3IN1 COAT, they have created a clever key piece that consists of a vest and jacket that work as a coat and, thanks to various add-ons, follow every trend.

Anna Karsch and Michaela Wunderl-Strojny with their wonderfully avant-garde Zampa Coat were already participants in the 1st edition of GREENSTYLE in the Haus der Kunst. These coats (just as natural as the skirts, etc.) were very sustainable, as this topic is very important to the two Munich designers.

In the last year, the two of them have withdrawn from visibility, using their beautiful shop as a popup for, among other things. the social brand Fitbuddha or the wonderfully loud BETTIGAGS made of colorful vintage fabrics are rented out. Of course, the two were not inactive during this time. On the contrary: you have realized a long-cherished dream: you have looked for fabrics, optimized cuts, tested ingredients. Always looking for the ultimate sustainable garment that combines everything that is important to both of them. And finally the time has come:


The 3IN1 Coat from akjumii has arrived and is waiting for support from Startnext.

That means: This one piece of clothing can be worn in three ways. As a coat, a vest and a jacket. Plus: With interchangeable add-ons such as fluffy teddy collars made of fairly manufactured wool fleece, delicate fringes that can be attached as eye-catchers to the jacket hem or the coat at waist height or maxi extensions for the vest, you can always redesign the garment individually.


Convertible coats with a lifetime guarantee thanks to free repairs.

So the two combine their desire for mindful consumption, transparency, quality and fair payment along the supply chain and smart high fashion style. Made in Germany – 130 kilometers from Munich

The Startnext campaign entered its first round on October 31, 2020. Which ‘thank you’ do the supporters expect? From the complete coat (from 730 euros special campaign price) to the individual parts vest and jacket and ADD ONS to the akjumii fan scarf (95 euros) and the Instagram Thank You (30 euros), every supporter can be part of the slow fashion movement will. What we can all expect when the first funding target is reached. The production of the clever 3IN1 COAT. For every coat sold, akjumii donates 1.3 percent of the sales price (at least 10.10 euros) to FEMNET e.V.

Good to know: the coats (currently available in black, gray and blue) can be tried in the akjumii showroom in Reichenbachstr. 36 in Munich. Appointments by email to

Support now until December 6th, 2020 >>>