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Wonder Wardrobe

Wonder Wardrobe Rentals – fashion for rent

With her Wonder Wardrobe videos and tutorials, Daria Andronescu has been showing for several years that fashion consumption can also be different. With “Wonder Wardrobe Rentals” Daria goes one step further. With a combination of second hand high fashion and sustainable fashion, she has developed small, fine capsule collections that she rents out.

I became aware of Daria Andronescu when I was researching Capsule Wardrobes. You probably know that for a capsule wardrobe, the wardrobe is optimized in such a way that in the end only a certain number of items of clothing remain that appeal, can be easily combined and result in as many outfits as possible. However, this is quite difficult to do without guidance.

Daria has developed her own system of how to assemble capsules, tailor-made for your own needs. She conveys this very vividly through her Wonder Wardrobe online video courses. Step by step, Daria leads her students towards a personal, color and style optimally coordinated and very important for her: sustainable wardrobe. Since this is not something that can be taken for granted, it is also no surprise that Daria has a lot of fans. They understand that a well-curated wardrobe is a lot of fun, lasts a long time and is also much more environmentally friendly than items of clothing bought together at random. I visited Daria in her studio in Düsseldorf.

From image consultant to sustainable educator.

Daria has many years of experience as an image consultant and personal shopper. In addition, there was her growing concern to integrate sustainability into her work. With her Wonder Wardrobe videos and tutorials, she has been showing for several years that fashion consumption can also be different and that the fun of fashion is preserved.

A new project: Wonder Wardrobe Rentals

Now Daria goes one step further and has developed “Wonder Wardrobe Rentals“. Her husband Mircea supports her. The topic of lending clothes is developing rapidly and if it is up to climate experts, lending should the new consume at all.

Wonder Wardrobe Rentals
Left: Susanne Barta and Daria. Right: Daria and her husband Mircea

Daria has been looking for suitable pieces for over two years.

For “Wander Wardrobe Rentals” she developed small, fine collections. No basics, but selected pieces that work well together, but above all can effectively complement our own wardrobe. Each capsule is unique, consists of four to six parts that make up eight to ten outfits. Daria has put together a mix of vintage and pre-owned pieces, including high fashion brands such as Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant, supplemented by some new items from selected sustainable brands. That’s because she would like to introduce her customers to exciting sustainable designers and brands.

The capsules are available in sizes XS to XL, and XXL will be added from the end of the year. Daria wants to start carefully, with two collections in September and three more to follow in October. They are presented by their Wonder Wardrobe students. The costs depend on the number of items, the value of the collection and the duration of the loan. That currently goes from 29 euros for three weeks to 79 euros. The capsules, says Daria, reflect the principles of her Wonder Wardrobe method. Therefore, color types are also taken into account. If you have any questions, Daria will advise you on the selection of the collection. And good to know: you only pay for what you have actually worn. They ship to the EU, Switzerland and UK in pretty boxes that can be used for many years. What is still missing now? Take a look and order.

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