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WEITER UNITED – High end bags

Anna Bermes gained several years of experience as a design assistant for the Karl Lagerfeld brand in Frankfurt before she spontaneously decided to stop looking for the perfect business bag and found her own brand for luxury business bags. Welcome, WEITER UNITED.

For years Anna Bermes was looking for a bag suitable for business that is not only cleverly designed, but also meets her requirements visually. In order to save herself and other design aesthetes the search, the Parisian by choice finally founded her high-end bag label WEITER UNITED. She has been bringing sophisticated and luxurious business bags to the market since 2020. And that at a time when society has withdrawn to the home office due to the pandemic and office outfits have given way to casual loungewear.

A business bag can also be rebellious or sexy! Anna Bermes


Not necessarily the perfect timing at first glance. But Anna Bermes is sure that a well-designed WEITER bag can replace an organized desk. Smartly developed inner pockets give pens, iPads, charging cables, wallets and laptops their own space. The concept: all business essentials have a permanent place in her bags. Clever details such as reinforced zipper elements, magnetic closures and wide, comfortable shoulder straps also ensure optimal comfort from day to night. The collection includes classic laptop bags, modern, functionally designed business bags in various sizes and smaller crossbody bag variations. The colors are just as extravagant as the names they carry: Natural Phyton, Black Pony and Ruby Croc. Combined with special effects and embossing.

A well-organized “pocket office” with all the necessary essentials is helpful at New Work.

The bags are designed in Anna Bermes’ adopted home Paris and produced in a family-run manufactory in Veneto / Northern Italy. Only calfskin from France and Italy is used, which is a by-product of the food industry in the processing of bags. For the WEITER founder, sustainability is a mindful principle that she includes in all steps. It stands for quality, environmental awareness and responsibility for the people who work for WEITER. And established partnerships with which the label shares values ​​and attitudes. But sustainability is also a process and that is why this aspect is gradually being further developed.


WEITER UNITED is German minimalism, French elegance and excellent workmanship from Italy.

Why is it possible for WEITER UNITED to produce their high-quality bags in a sustainable and transparent value-added process and still offer them at a fair price? The Parisian brand relies on online only. Direct sales without intermediaries, no shop rentals, fewer staff.

And why “weiter” (englisch: Next)? WEITER stands for the further development of the individual in terms of background, race, religion or gender. Everyone can and should grow beyond expectations and bring their personality to their job …

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