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Friends That Rhyme

Friends That Rhyme

The history of this brand is enough to make you fall in love. And their philosophy? Nadine and Sabine (do you get the name now?) produce bags & clutches made of vintage fabrics. Each of these artistic upcycling pieces is unique.

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Since the 2nd edition of GREENSTYLE, Sabine, one of the two rhyming friends, has been accompanying us to our events in Munich, Amsterdam and Bolzano. Their artfully and elegantly patterned upcycling bags with names that always fit the point (“Blue-tiful”, “Daisy Delight” or “High Voltage”) were not only the stylish upgrade with that certain something for our fashion show looks. But then came COVID. Who would have thought that relaxed loungewear would (temporarily!) replace elegant business looks and occasional fashion. That our life would suddenly take place within our own four walls. Unfortunately, these times are anything but suitable for elegant clutches. That’s why the Friends That Rhyme makers have decided to wait for better times and are looking for a new home for their wonderful bags at short notice. There is a 30% discount on all favorite pieces when you check out. Our tip: invest now!

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Let’s start from the beginning: The two women from different continents have made their way to Beijing alongside their expatriate husbands. Sabine left her life in Brussels behind. Nadine set off from Vancouver to Asia. Both with the intention of taking a step back in their own careers and to have more time for their children abroad. The two of them finally ran into each other at their children’s joint school – before they realized that they were neighbors – had the same interests, and wanted to create something… and wanted more than just drinking delicious chai lattes. Since then, they have been producing pieces from vintage fabrics.

And the name? Friends That Rhyme

When Nadine and Sabine were asked whether they were sisters, they were taken by surprise (see picture). When a father told them that he would give his sons names which rhyme like Sabine and Nadine, the name for their label was born: Friends That Rhyme.

Friends that Rhyme

The Cosmo-Collection

The vintage fabrics that Nadine and Sabine use for their collection are acquired on their travels. They see this treasure hunt  for fabrics as an exciting side effect of their work.

Friends that Rhyme

The birth of the Obi-Collection

During a ski trip to Niseko, the two discovered beautiful Obi fabrics in a tiny antique store, which simply screamed to be turned into a clutch. This is how the idea for the Obi-Collection was born. Handmade from vintage Obi silk paired with silk or cotton lining and limited edition – a maximum of four to five pieces per pattern.

The bags with the fantastic patterns are sewn by independent seamstresses in China or in cooperation with Stitch by Stitch in Frankfurt. The small social enterprise employs refugees from Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Syria as seamstresses in order to facilitate their training and integration in their new home. Each bag is supplied with a dust bag and a “story card” on which the history of the sample and the limited number (serial number) are recorded.

Rent a clutch

For everyone who cannot decide on a pattern (we can fully understand that) and those who do not want to put another piece in their wardrobe, but still want to be accompanied by an extraordinary bag on special occasions (we understand that too), there is now the rental service. The cost is a 70 percent discount on the purchase price. First, the full price is charged – the difference is returned after the rental period of 14 days. Except you like the clutch so much that you can’t part anymore. Voilà, then you can keep it – you have already paid. Shipping (within the EU) is carried out by Friends that Rhyme. Meanwhile the two friends have left China. Nadine lives in Vancouver, Sabine in Munich. The friendship is bigger than ever.

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