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For four generations, the Italian family business, MASOLINI1949, has been producing shoes. With the second collection RE-BORN shoes, Nicola Masolini not only pays tribute to the negative development in the textile industry by manufacturing shoes from used materials. He also returns to the roots of the company founded in the post-war period.

After the second World War, Friuli was the home of Italian shoe production. From here, shoes were also delivered to Austria, Germany, Holland and Belgium. Valentino Masolini and his sons are among the pioneers of this era. The scarcity of resources in the post-war years led the Masolinis recycling shoes and textiles from military wardrobe. Today, many decades later, the traditional company is going back to its roots with RE-BORN.


Back to the roots: with RE-BORN shoes

At that time long before the term was coined, the focus was on upcycling in the absence of new materials. Many decades later, this type of production was revived through the second collection. This time, however, with the goal to reduce the vast quantities of textile waste.

No Waste, it’s time to reborn.


Due to this phenomenon, it has been shown that many more materials than expected are suitable for shoe production. At the end of an adventurous trip, discarded sails and worn out tires of all kinds are ideal for the production of soles due to their high plastic quality. Used parasols – which are sorted out at the end of the summer season – deck chairs that are discarded at large scales in hotel complexes, jeans and towels are perfectly suited for the lining of RE-BORN Shoes.

Even today, all production steps still take place in Italy in Gonars (Friuli), the headquarters of MASOLINI1949.

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