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prePeek at Home x GREENSTYLE

Neonyt influencers and content creators will show that style and sustainability also work in times of home office and social distancing with their looks for “prePeek at Home” from January 18th to 22nd

January 2017: At that time the Neonyt was still called the Green Showroom and Ethical Fashion Show. And at that time the first prePeek, which was created as part of Theklas bachelor thesis, was housed in a very small side area in the Postbahnhof at Berlin’s Ostbahnhof. What Thekla Wilking and Pola Fendel developed from clothing years ago is (in addition to lots of fun) designed for synergy effects. Your prePeek should be a USP for the relatively small fairs Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show compared to the other formats of the Berlin Fashion Week and at the same time give the rather small labels more visibility. Just one of the numerous campaigns that the two fashion activists have contributed to transforming the fashion industry.

prePeek: This is what a responsible, future-oriented lifestyle can look like.

The innovative format is now an official part of Neonyt and will be integrated at a central point. In addition to the opportunity for content creators to come into contact with brands and stage their collections, prePeek has been expanded to include a conference format. During the community talks, participants from the sustainable community have their say. And we are also allowed to host a GREENSTYLE Talk on a regular basis.

This time the innovative format takes place in the same way as Neonyt on Air “at Home”. Content creators have each staged two Neonyt brands with their look and feel at home, in the office or on the street. Noa Ben-Moshe, Andrea Gerhard, Kim Gerlach, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, Anna Kessel und Esther Rühe, Sandra Lai-Chun Cheung, Kathrin Schiebler, Mirjam Smend, Thekla Wilkening and Alf-Tobias Zahn show what that can look like parallel to Neonyt on Air, from January 18-22, 2021, on their Instagram channels.

prePeek x Mirjam Smend | GREENSTYLE

Which of the brands to choose? The selection is difficult. We specified different labels and let fate decide. The result? A package from Dawn Denim and Phyne. Dawn has been with us since the first GREENSTYLE at Haus der Kunst in October 2018. Under the motto “Fair fits Better”, the German brand produces perfectly fitting cuts in its own factory in Saigon / Vietnam. Fair and ecologically sustainable. The Stardust is my favorite fit and accompanies me (not only) in the home office. It is simply unbelievable the most relaxed jeans I know. For Spring 21, my favorite model comes with a slightly different cut (new seams) and with an innovative dye. So much for that. All information about Dawn Denim can be found in the Brand Directory.

Das zweite Piece ist der Bomber von Phyne, die auch ein GREENSTYLE Brand sind. Unsere Wege kreuzen sich immer wieder – via Fashion Council Germany, im GREENSTYLE Panel auf der prePeek, im Isarforum in München – oder bei der prePeek at Home. In den Bomber habe ich mich schon auf der letzten Neonyt im Januar 2020 verliebt. ‘Fearless Future’ in XL Lettern auf dem Rücken. Perfekt. Was ich an dem Mannheimer Brand so liebe? Sie bringen mit einer unglaublichen Lässigkeit und ihren entspannten Streetstyle-Looks (ganz zu schweigen von den Kooperationen) zeitgeistige Statements mit Stil in die nachhaltige Modeszene. Natürlich habe ich auch dazu ein Porträt geschrieben.”

The second piece is the bomber from Phyne, who are also a GREENSTYLE brand. Our paths cross again and again – via the Fashion Council Germany, in the GREENSTYLE Panel at prePeek, in the Isarforum in Munich – or at prePeek at Home. I fell in love with the bomber at the last Neonyt in January 2020. ‘Fearless Future’ in XL letters on the back. Perfect. What do I love about the Mannheim brand? With their unbelievable casualness and their relaxed street style looks (not to mention the collaborations) they bring contemporary statements with style to the sustainable fashion scene. Of course I also wrote a portrait for them.

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