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nobahar design

Nobahar Design

Sogand Nobahar studied mathematics. Later, she studies industrial design in Tehran, and finally completed her training at the Polytechnic School in Milan and Turin, Italy.

Today, she designs unconventional statement pieces with NOBAHAR Design because she wants to inspire wearers and viewers. Her creations have given her a strong identity.

In 2017, Sogand Nobahar founded her brand, Nobahar Design milano, to express her view of a chaotic world through her designs. Or in the words of epistemologist Nassim Nicholas Taleb: “I want to live happy in a world I don’t understand”.

In her native country, Iran, jewelry is set in a more traditional context. In Italy, her adopted country and the home of her eclectic brand NOBAHAR Design milano, jewelry is reminiscent of high jewelry. Sogand Nobahar combines influences of these two components in her work. Traditional themes from Iran meet high-tech materials from the western world.

When supertechnology meets tradition.

As mix & match as her collections are, so are the techniques Sogand works with. Her favorite material? Nylon powder. Once formed, it is light, flexible, resistant and its basic texture gives the designer a lot of freedom. She prints the innovative material zero waste in 3D and combines it with traditional Persian craftmanship. She also uses Persian carpet pieces made of hand dyed silk.

Ensō expresses the moment when mind and body are free.

Und der übergroße Kreis in ihrem Logo? Ist natürlich vielmehr als nur eine geometrische Form. Das Ensōo, das Sogand Nobahar selber entworfen hat, ist Teil ihres Logos. Das Ensoō (円相円相, japanisch: Kreis) ist ein Symbol aus der japanischen Kalligraphie, das mit ein oder zwei Pinselstrichen handgezeichnet wird, um den Moment zum Ausdruck zu bringen, in dem der Geist und Körper frei sind.

The oversized circle in her logo? Is of course more than just a geometric shape. The Ensōo, which Sogand Nobahar designed herself, is part of her logo. The Ensoō (円相円相, Japanese: circle) is a symbol from Japanese calligraphy that is hand-drawn with one or two brushstrokes to express the moment when mind and body are free.

New beginning, rebirth and renewal. Nobahar Design

Nobahar ist persisch und heißt übersetzt „Neuer Frühling“. Das bedeutet? Neuer Anfang, Erneuerung, Wiedergeburt und Erneuerung. Und das kommt in allen Stücken von NOBAHAR Design milano zum Ausdruck. Ihre Werke waren in zahlreichen Ausstellungen in Europa und im Mittleren Osten, hauptsächlich in der Schweiz, in Deutschland, Italien und im Iran zu sehen.

Nobahar is Persian and means “New Spring” in translation. Which means? New beginning, rebirth and renewal. And this is expressed in all pieces of NOBAHAR Design milano. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East, mainly in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Iran.

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