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Maren Jewellery

Maren Jewellery – careful luxury jewelry

With her own label Maren Jewelery, the Ulm jewelry designer combines her passion for jewelry design with the principles of responsibility, mindfulness and sustainability. This works with recycled precious metals and synthetic (cultivated) eco-diamonds. The result? Sustainable luxury in harmony with nature.

At the age of 15, Helge Maren Hauptmann already knew that she wanted to become a jewelry designer. This was followed by an internship in goldsmithing, studying “Jewelry and Objects of Everyday Culture” in Pforzheim and a ten-year career in the German jewelry industry, where she further developed her understanding of design. Most recently as Head of Design at Thomas Sabo.

I want sustainable luxury. And it is in harmony with nature

Her desire to live and work in harmony with nature moved her to found Maren Jewelery. Since 2020 she has combined her interest in minimalism, vegan and zero waste lifestyle with her passion for jewelry design. Under her own name, she manufactures timeless and luxurious pieces of jewelry from recycled gold and silver as well as synthetic eco-diamonds in her Ulm based studio. In Germany. By hand. To order.

Maren Jewellery
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With each of my pieces of jewelery I want to tell a story that is about love, passion and nature. Helge Maren Hauptmann, founder and designer

Clean rings (perfect for essential chains!) meet lower case letters, engraved hearts with magical messages from the “Seeds of Love” collection and sparkling stud earrings as well as engagement, friendship and wedding rings. The minimalist finds inspiration in nature and vintage objects. As in the ReMind collection with its specially designed settings for the synthetic eco-diamonds. The inspiration for this came from a piece of jewelry that Helge inherited from her grandmother.

Urban mining: Gold and silver have never been so beautiful (and good!)

Through urban mining (recycling of gold and silver) the precious metals do not lose any of their purity. Hardly any raw material can be recycled as easily as gold. In addition to the ethically correct working conditions in the “extraction” of recycled precious metals, the reduced energy consumption and protection of the environment (20 tons of waste are produced to get gold for a ring) are clear advantages over the conventional method.

Maren Jewellery

Made in Germany stands for a transparent supply chain, high quality and local production.

Building a sustainable supply chain with partners such as refineries and foundries, who share Helge’s values ​​of holistic sustainability, was not easy, but it was worthwhile. Despite her high standards and demands on herself, the jewelry designer is constantly questioning her concept and developing it accordingly.

Returning gold (residues) to the cycle has an ancient tradition.

The circular economy is just as important as being mindful of oneself and the environment at Maren Jewelery. To achieve this, all the materials used must be recyclable. In addition to recycled precious metals, the pieces of jewelery are therefore made plastic-free in recyclable paper or in sustainable natural linen bags for their way to the new owner. Do you want it to be a present? The (recyclable!) Box is decorated with a hand-woven ribbon, which can then be worn as a wish bracelet.

Good to know: Maren Jewelery has been supporting the Earthbeat Solutions Foundation with three percent of its profits since 2021 in order to create alternative income opportunities for people who are living on small-scale mining.

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