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Fashion Summit Team

Loveletter to the Responsible Fashion Summit Team

In Bavaria they always say "ned gschimpft is globt gnua". Means something like: Not being scolded is enough praised. However, I am of the opinion that you should definitely say thank you more often. Gladly also two, three or four times. In this sense: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to the fantastic team that made the Responsible Fashion Summit possible.

A huge shoutout for the great Fashion Summit team:

Anja Wechsler | Anja Wechsler Photography

Of course I know exactly where we know us from – Iris Martin (see below under “I”) acquired Anja for the 3rd edition of GREENSTYLE in the Isarforum in Munich, so that she can take photos backstage and during the Fashion Show. Anja did that too. But so well that we were able to use your backstage pictures as a campaign motif for the 4th edition. It goes without saying that we didn’t let this gem go. Anja also photographed the fashion show looks for the 4th edition and realized the campaign shoot for the 5th edition, the GREENSTYLE @ Frankfurt Fashion Week, shot a new portrait of Mirjam, etc.

Fashion Summit Team

Florens Smend | Creative Director GREENSTYLE

What exactly is Florens doing? That would go beyond the scope of this thank you article. Actually, as Creative Director, he is responsible for the optics, the entire CI of the website, communication media and all GREENSTYLE spin-offs. For the summit, he oversaw all of the streaming from his home studio, wrote schedules, looked for jingles for the individual clips, found them and installed them (my ears are still ringing). He animated gifs, prepared screens, supervised communication with speakers, partners, technicians and programmers. Took care of the location search for the studio. And above all, like a rock solid, enduring the madness that his wife (that’s me) has caused with ever new ideas.

Fashion Summit Team

Iris Martin | Hair & Make-up Artist

Quite apart from the fact that Iris always has an extra portion of good humor in her little suitcase, she manages the almost impossible with expertise and sensitivity: She conjures up a fresh complexion on my face at trade fairs, conferences and whatever the occasion. And that’s definitely not going to be easy for her. The weeks leading up to the events ensure that she has a lot to do with me. And now guess what kind of feedback I always get? “It’s unbelievable how fresh you look with all the stress.” Well, I owe that to Iris. And whoever would like to enjoy this once in a while: Iris also works as a trend scout, trainer and trend personalizer. Contact Iris now via LinkedIn or Instagram

Fashion Summit Team

Jan Frommel | photographer

We know Jan through Anja, whom we know through Iris – you can already see that all of this did not come about purely by chance. And Jan didn’t just take the pictures for our campaign shoot. Jan made his fantastic photo studio in Schießstättstrasse in Munich available to us for the Responsible Fashion Summit and during this time he kept supplying us with making-of pictures and photographed the campaign shoot for the 5th edition, the GREENSTYLE @ Frankfurt Fashion Week. My tip: Be sure to check out his website – he has a broad portfolio from corporate to portrait to sports. Means: No matter what you are looking for: With Jan you are in the right hands. Not to mention the fact that the wonderfully bright rear-building studio with its incomparable atmosphere is worth a visit. Here you can take a look at his work and get in contact with Jan >>>

Fashion Summit Team

Matthias Wanek | tech

I just met Matthias two days before the Responsible Fashion Summit. In a broader sense, he was acquired by Peter (see below) to run the whole program live on x monitors with countless controls, obscure inputs and outputs and an infinite number of kilograms of technology (of course I was told that technology cannot be measured in kilograms). And with an incredible calm no matter what chaos or what adversity has arisen behind the scenes. Recorded and live formats, on-site formats on stage, changing cameras, etc., all of this has to be organized

Fashion Summit Team

Mirjam Smend | GREENSTYLE

What is best to write about yourself at this point? Well, I had the idea for the Responsible Fashion Summit and was responsible for the conception, organization, speaker and partner acquisition as well as the content implementation. Honestly? I would never have thought what it would take to implement such a conference and I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone involved in the Fashion Summit team that we were able to implement this format with so much success.

Fashion Summit Team

Peter Laschtowitz | Technology, programming, consulting

Peter already implemented the entire conference technology in the Isarforum in the Deutsches Museum and the lighting concept for the fashion show for the 2nd and 3rd edition of GREENSTYLE. Sure, who we asked to lead the technical implementation for the summit. That means: Peter installed an incredibly professional streaming studio in our office, introduced Florens into the art of stream recording and made it possible for us to start with numerous different formats. No matter what weird ideas I had, Peter had the solution. And who will do the lighting concept when we move into our GREENSTYLE pop-up store in Munich’s town hall? Exactly. Not to mention the fact that we still have a lot to do together. For everyone who wants to set up and implement a conference concept – network with Peter here or book his IT consultancy >>>

Fashion Summit Team

Susanne Barta | text and moderation

… was welcomed into the GREENSTYLE family on the last day of the 2nd edition. We met there when she spoke to me. Susanne not only made contact with the Bozen / Biolife trade fair and thus paved the way for GREENSTYLE to South Tyrol. Susanne and her husband have also become real friends beyond the sustainability that unites us. At the 3rd edition, at the summit on the GREENSTYLE stage and in advance, Susanne moderated talks and organized interlocutors. The next joint event beyond the Alps, the styling advice in the Bozen Kauri store by Daniel Tocca, unfortunately had to be canceled again due to the pandemic. Hopefully we’ll catch up on that in autumn. Maybe also in connection with the GREENSTYLE x Biolife. Find out more about Susanne and / or subscribe to her newsletter “Ms. Susi thinks about life

Tobias Mörtel | tech

… was also a recommendation from Peter. If you want it to go really well, then we need Tobi said Peter and brought him to the location inspection. Well, then it happened as it should: Tobi, a trained event technician and cameraman, knows what he’s doing. He snapped his finger (heaven, I’ve learned a lot about reverb), designed the lighting and sound concept, planned the video technology, coordinated the technical structure of the studio and made sure that everything is ready to go to the GREENSTYLE ( Responsible) Fashion Summit to be implemented easily and professionally.

Many, many thanks to all of you from the Fashion Summit team!