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Fair Fashionshow

Fair Fashionshow team: people of GREENSTYLE

We were supposed to create a portion of special visibility for the GMUC brands by our Fair Fashion Show. We've been styling, experimenting, re-ordering, exchanging. Repeat. Our fashion show had to be cancelled – the LOOKS are there anyways! Thanks to our team behind and in front of the camera.

Two days we’ve been shooting the Fair Fashion Show looks in Anja Wechsler’s and Jan Frommel’s (in charge of 4th edition’s campaign visuals) studio, supposed to be added to our GREENSTYLE app and shown on screens at the location. In favour of proving everyone the fanciness of sustainable fashion. The show couldn’t take place but the looks are digitally there for you right now!

Many thanks to our Fair Fashion Show team!

Click here to download the looks.
For commercial use please publish copyright: anja wechsler photography for GREENSTYLE munich

Fair Fashionshow Team

Head of hair and make-up: Iris Martin @irismartinmakeup

Fair Fashionshow

With her super large expert knowledge and passion for sustainable beauty products Iris is a major support and expertised pylon of our event since 2nd edition in 2019. Iris is of our kind, she loves sustainable beauty, experimenting with products, she’s got the passion for pads and brushes. The result? Always fantastic. ‘Purely clean and awesomely fresh’ was her motto this time she was supposed to put in scene the GMUC brands’ looks with, avoiding to steal the show from them of course. Iris frequently proofs her skills by shootings with Dior, Instyle & Co. Some insights? This way. Wanna experience your own? Book here.

Make-up partner: MÁDARA organic skincare

Discovered by Iris Martin and becoming official partner of GREENSTLE fashionshow shortly after:  MÁDARA’s certified natural make-up products trust in the power of plants which have been resisting rough climate conditions in the far north for ages. Sticking with their ‘luxury goes deeper than skin’ motto and delighted by their excellency at MÁDARA head office not only skin-care but also make-up is produced which uses to make women shine all over the world. What’s the expert’s verdict? Suitable for fashion show and editorial! And this patch is given most rarely to organic beauty industries. Discover entire selection.

Hair partner: KEVIN.MURPHY

Kevin Murphy are iconic hair stylists who brought not only beach hair looks from Australia to the world. The multiply awarded hair expert impressed its sector with salon exclusive products. Their range covers shampoos, conditioners, treatments? And styling products. Always containing best natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable (re)sources.


© Kevin Murphy

By the way: KEVIN.MURPHY exclusively uses recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials. Plus: As world’s first make-up label Kevin Murphy uses  packaging materials made from 100% ocean plastic. 360 tons of plastic are taken off the oceans this way per year. Learn and discover more.

Photography: Anja Wechsler | photo film concept

Anja Wechsler is a light-enthusiast. And she’s into people. Two major requirements for expressive photographies. Educated as newspaper editor Anja turned onto photodesign and became a pro after she’d studied at Munich Academy of design and Photography. Her main focus is on fashion, report (Stern, Focus), people – and on GREENSTYLE munich.

Fair Fashionshow
© anja wechsler photography

During 3rd edition in October 2019 she helped out on short notice and took most amazing pictures in difficult circumstances. A random backstage photostory became our most lovely campaign motive of 4th edition. And all the pictures taken of 4th edition fashion show derive from Anja who provided her studio to us two days long and put in scene every single of our 47 looks perfectly. Learn more and book here.

Styling: Christina Brabandt, fashion | style | personality

From her first job for Chanel in Rome to her education as a style and colour counselor Christina Brabandt is into fashion business for two decades – despite this her passion for sustainability is personal.

Fair Fashionshow
© Christina Brabandt

Christina loves sharing her enthusiasm and sense of personalities and fashion by projects like Wardrobe-detoxing, film productions, shopping trips and international fashion productions – customized for low budgets as well as for high end consumers. Christina brought her XL expert knowledge straight into our GREENSTYLE 4th edition. Learn more and contact.

Lea Bürkert, concept development | styling | design

When Lea graduated fashion design including a term abroad in Canada and internships in New York and London she switched to fashion industries and found her first engagement with hessnatur. A company known for its fair and sustainable fabricating. After working in design industries for medium-sized enterprises Lea turned to new projects as e.g. GREENSTYLE munich which she could empower with her special skills.

© Lea Bürkert

Those are concept development and design with special interest and passion in styling. One of her favorites is showing how cool “eco” can be – just like us! Fair and sustainable production has a potential of becoming the new standard. Far beyond just being an add-on. Learn more.

Special thanks to following agencies:

Fair Fashionshow Fair Fashionshow Fair Fashionshow