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les loops

les loops – pretty round thing

Christine Purnell founded her Munich accessories label les loops under the motto 'second loop – second life'. It was clear to her from the start that the focus should be not only on the design, but also on the choice of materials. Since 2021 she has therefore been producing her circular shopper bags from resource-saving materials in order to keep plastic waste, old carpets etc. in the cycle for longer.

Christine Purnell is actually a management consultant who helps start-ups on the market, coaches them and organizes events. She organizes meet-ups for female founders. And she is mother. When the children left home, the bag lover wanted to realize her own bag ideas. Sustainable, of course. The concept should be just as round as its design. The materials should be kept in circulation for as long as possible. This is the only way that a contemporary product makes sense for the smart founder. And that’s how les loops came about in 2021 – during the pandemic. A year later, the first product – the Loops Shopper Bag in black – is on the market. Other colors and models will follow.

In today’s globalized fashion industry, good taste is not only determined by the look, but above all by the manufacturing process and the materials used.

Christine Purnell is all about style. And it’s about sustainability. Therefore, only resource-saving raw materials are used for the circular shopper bags of the first edition. Another product made from organic cotton was not enough for the business woman. New polyester was out of the question anyway. She did research, sought advice, tried things out and planned again and again. And she found it.

Minimalist but versatile. Stylish and sustainable. Works.

With les loops, Christine makes her contribution to a better (surrounding) world. Because every year more than 11 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. Instead of using new resources and thus polluting the environment, Christine relies on this waste. The materials used for les loops are consistently made from waste materials such as plastic bottles, old carpets and fishing nets floating in the sea, so-called ghost nets. Only the threads and the Velcro are still made from conventional materials. After all, sustainability is a process.

les loops

Eco-friendly Shopper Bag designed with Purpose

The les loops materials

For her bags, Christine Purnell combines Econyl® (nylon waste) with rPET (used plastic bottles). With its iconic, circular bags, it gives plastic bottles and nylon waste a second life and saves energy compared to conventional production processes. Both fabrics are certified according to the Global Recycling Standard. This means: they are made from recycled materials and the supply chains must be transparent: every brand and every retailer must disclose where the goods come from and whether social standards are observed. the desire for the shortest possible distances and a transport brought Christine and her round bags to a company in Poland near the Ukrainian borders. Here you and your project feel in good hands according to the sustainable standards you set.

Round doesn’t mean rounder, but “give back”.

With the purchase of a bag, the NGO everwave is supported, which with its clean-up technologies helps to ensure that waste does not end up in the sea in the first place. The team collects plastic waste from rivers worldwide and transfers it to the circular economy for meaningful recycling.

Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens. Charles Nelson Reilly

Telephone, notebook, snacks, laptop, magazines, dreams or even the yoga mat – the first edition of the les loops shopper bag is a real space miracle. Everything has its place here. Just no disposable bottles – because eco-fashionistas have long since sorted them out.

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