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Mending-Meisterin Kate Sekules | © Liisa Jokinen, Penguin Verlag

Kate Sekules – Lady of Visible Mending

Mending, darning, sewing and repairing are all the rage. Not only as a skill, but also as a practice of using our clothes in a more sustainable manner. And last but not least, as a statement of an individual style. The British Kate Sekules, who lives in Brooklyn, NYC, has been addressing the topic of "mending" for many years with great enthusiasm and from different directions

Kate Sekules approaches the subject of “repairing” from many directions: As an author, textile historian, mending master and mending educator. Her motto: more is more. While it used to be about making the patched areas as invisible as possible, Kate Sekules is about making them as visible and artistic as possible. Some of her patchwork works are real works of art.

Throw away clothes? Out of the question for Kate.

Recently Kate’s book “Mend! A Refashioning Manual and Manifesto “(Penguin) wsa published. Throw away clothes? Out of the question for Kate. Mending is both a necessary and radical act for her. She shares the techniques she has researched and developed over the years with her constantly growing community. Kate teaches and gives workshops – including at New York University, Parsons, the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Textile Art Center, the Costume Society of America and the UK Association of Dress Historians – her texts appear in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New Yorker, Guardian, and The New York Times.

In her workshop for the GREENSTYLE Conference “More is more – The Mending Surgery” you can bring items of clothing that need a make-over and Kate gives tips on how best to mend them. Of course, not just mending, but really cool mending.

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Mending-Meisterin Kate Sekules | © Liisa Jokinen, Penguin

Workshop: Dr Mend's Workshop: Dr Mend's


Saturday, April 10th at 4 p.m.

Make an appointment at Dr. Mend’s surgery for your sick or injured garment. Get a personal consultation and a prescription for your rip, hole, stain, or damage. See other cases and treatments and medication in progress live! We will end with a live tutorial on Dr Kate’s signature Patchiko mend. Materials: a hole, a patch large enough to generously cover it, needle and thread: embroidery floss is ideal. 

Language: english. Duration: 90 min.