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Benjamin Klarmann and his Munich-based organic beauty brand, Junglück, have developed unisex products that make a difference. "Good for you, good for everyone" is the promise of his natural, certified, environmentally friendly and vegan skin, hair and body care. His goal: change in the cosmetics market.
© Junglück
© Junglück

Transparent, holistic, vegan, sustainable and made in Germany: The natural cosmetics company, Junglück, offers certified organic cosmetics from head to toe. This is how sustainable the result can be when two women are continuously disappointed for years by the current product selection on the market. Founded by son and friend Benjamin Klarmann.

Good for the skin and for the environment

Not just did he create Junglück to shorten the long search for the two ladies. He immediately set his standards higher. He strives to make a change in the cosmetics market with an awareness of his own actions through natural ingredients and a clearly sustainable strategy as well as social responsibility.

© Junglück
© Junglück

Free from plastic and without label

The fact that something is different here immediately catches the eye. Instead of plastic, the products come in brown glass. Instead of a label, it is printed directly on the glass. Saves waste and facilitates recycling because this is also part of the Junglück strategy.

And in the bottles of Junglück?

Creams, oils, serums, sprays – the Junglück products cover all skin types and can be combined with each other. Aloe Vera instead of water provides moisture. All ingredients and their effects are listed in detail on the website. And as a community-based beauty brand, customer feedback flows into further development.

Instead of investing in certifications, the Munich-based beauty brand supports, among others, Ärzte gegen Tierversuche e.V. (Doctors against Animal Experiments) and is a supporting member of the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V.

More about Junglück. Click here

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