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jesango – Shopping Community

With jesango, Germany's first fair fashion shopping community was launched at the end of 2019. The mission of the Munich founders? To interpret the access to fair and sustainably produced fashion in a contemporary way and to make it uncomplicated and inexpensive and more accessible for the masses.

What makes shopping on jesango different from other shops? Everyone can buy the regular products in the online shop. If you wish – and this is the innovation – you can become part of the jesango community with a next step. After registering for free and without obligation, you will regularly receive discounts of up to 50 percent on selected items, so that sustainable fashion is accessible to more people. jesango donates 30 cents of every order and 10 cents after each registration to changing Organizations like Drip by Drip e.V or  MADE IN BANGLADESH e.V.

“jesango” (jes ŝanĝo) is Esperanto and means “yes (to) change”.


Financing the first few months from their own resources was a brave step by Catja Günther, Sophia Wittrock and Larissa Schmid, who went live with their online shop in November 2019. It should quickly become apparent that they are on the right track for the sustainable zeitgeist. Two successful offline events and a still opened financing round in July 2020 later, they established the first online shopping community for fairly produced fashion and lifestyle products in Germany. But their goals are even further – the three visionaries plan to expand jesango across Europe.

And behind the scenes? Here, too, things are different at jesango.

On the new platform, small brands with little online presence are highlighted, built up and expanded in order to make jesango a European fair fashion hub that functions as a counterweight to fast fashion. How it works? The Munich women offer a green fulfillment service. Means: jesango helps fashion brands with scaling, takes over the logistics of the brands and is on hand with marketing and sales.

AFORA world
Maravillas Bags
Booming Bob
Mira Nature
NUI Cosmetics
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Clearly: plastic-free packaging and CO2-neutral shipping.

Which brands can participate? Brands that meet the founders’ strict catalog of criteria and the factors style, sustainability and fairness. jesango guarantees sustainability along the entire value chain from production to the end customer. In addition to resource-saving and environmentally friendly production, the brands must guarantee working conditions that are secure, gender-independent and non-hazardous to health.

Good to know: Under the motto #supportyourlocals, jesango has offered young and small brands and businesses affected by the Corona crisis a temporary sales opportunity on the online platform in order to enable them to continue despite the adversities of the crisis-related circumstances.

Try out the new shopping experience now. Click here