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Happy birthday, GREENSTYLE! A time travel

Of course, we founded it before, but GREENSTYLE will still be two years old on October 18th, 2020. And we look back on a successful and eventful time. Not everything was always easy. But we got to know such fantastic people, we became part of an incredible network and we moved and initiated one or two things. What an exciting time. High time to look back

October 18, 2018: 1st edition at Haus der Kunst

Two years ago we organized the 1st edition of GREENSTYLE. In one of the most exciting (but also most complicated) locations in Munich, at Haus der Kunst. With 30 exhibitors, exciting speakers and a lot of supporting program. We haven’t left anything out: GMUC Award, Styling Lounge, Fashionshow + Aftershow Party, GMUC book with 140 pages, the popup project “Dutch Designers” in cooperation with the City of Munich and the City of Amsterdam. The first edition should make a big hit. 1000 thanks to everyone who trusted us back then, who supported us and made the GREENSTYLE possible together with us. Our exhibitors, our speakers, our friends (Andreas, Anne, Basti, Peter, Leonie, Robin, Yinin, and Marian)

Everything was planned differently. Actually, I’ve only tried to reach more people than with my blog my-GREENstyle. And I wanted to get into real life with the topic of “sustainable fashion”. Become analog. Establish contact with other game changers. Share my enthusiasm for eco-fair fashion with people. Do away with the prejudices that sustainable fashion is too expensive, not stylish enough and cannot be found. With a popup. Our pop-up idea met with an incredible amount of feedback, and the planned pop-up turned into a trade fair with a conference.

© Words in Motion

The GREENSTYLE conference

What we want? Show all facets of sustainable fashion – from organic cotton to recycling and upcycling to exciting material innovations. We do that by curating our exhibiting brands accordingly. And that’s what we’re doing with the conference. Beyond alternative consumption, we have made it our task to inform, educate and initiate new ways of thinking.

Brand new: a fair fashion conference for consumers

Where are we standing? Where do we want to go, were the questions we answered. How is change possible? What can politics do? What is the consumer’s responsibility? What has to change in the textile industry? We discuss all these approaches in the Fair Fashion Conference, and develop approaches and solution strategies that can bring us into a fair future. With the GREENSTYLE conference we have created an informative #gamechanging format and put topics on the public agenda that were previously reserved for a specialist audience. Pretty sporty for us greenhorns to organize this part parallel to the fair. Thank you @Franziska Deecke for the content-related support: Without you, the conference would not have become what it is today!

The 2nd edition followed in March 2019 and the 3rd in October 2019.

In addition, we admittedly moved to the Isarforum in the German Museum at short notice. Right in the middle and much easier to use when it comes to fire protection, permits, etc. The collaboration with Alex Wolfrum’s team from Locationbroker and the Blitz team (to name it: Brane and Jenny) – simply fantastic. It was already clear that we had found the right location for the future.

© wordsinmotion

From Munich into the world

After the 2nd edition, we grew beyond the Munich borders for the first time: We were in Amsterdam with a popup in June 2019. In September 2019 we were a partner of GREEN City München e.V. (Thanks at this point for the iconic “G”, which we are always allowed to borrow) at the Streetlife Festival. In November 2019 we were at the biolife in Bolzano with seven brands for the first time and this year we will be there with 16 brands from November 5th to 8th, 2020. The topic has grown so much in Bolzano / South Tyrol that the trade fair, which was previously clearly focused on food and beauty, made me a testimonial. Thanks at this point to Susanne Barta, who initiated this cooperation.

© Dialoogkreativ

Welcome in the GMUC familiy, Susanne Barta!

Speaking of Susanne Barta – she joined us at the 2nd edition (and stayed!). After sitting in the audience at every conference slot for three days, she spoke to us on the last day. And then everything took its course: Yes: at the 3rd edition, the bustling South Tyrolean by choice took on some moderation. She opened the door for us to the GREENSTYLE @ biolife in Bolzano. She has acquired Italian brands and made press releases beyond the Alps possible. We have lectures together held in the Kauri Store in Bolzano and the Rotarians in Bressanone. We have become friends and we still have a lot to do together. Thank you, for being on our side, Susanne!


It’s showtime: fashion shows, exhibitions & Co.

We received so much great feedback that, despite the enormous effort, we organized an editorial fashion show with the collections of the GREENSTYLE brands every time. And we’ve got even better every time. Would you like a small impression? Here are the looks from the pre-shoot from March 2020:


Thanks at this point to the great team that made this shoot possible: Photos & Studio: Anja Wechsler Photography, | Make-up: Iris Martin. Christina Brabandt and Lea Bürkert supported me with the styling. Thanks also to the models Sandra Dangers, Leonie Chiara, Verena Sedlmair and Ana. All pictures are here

Also in March 2020, we organized a sustainable fashion exhibition in the double cone of BMW Welt on the occasion of the opening of Munich Creative Business Week, Germany’s largest design festival.


Spreading the word in all directions

With lectures, panel discussions and any other talk format at the city of Munich for the anniversary of the cultural and creative industries competence team, at the Technical and Ludwig Maximilians University, as part of the Design Festival in Salzburg at the Mozarteum, at the New Heritage in Munich and Düsseldorf. In short: sustainable fashion slowly outgrows its bubble and meets with great interest. No longer just in Munich, but in Europe. And we as GREENSTYLE right in the middle

GREENSTYLE has developed incredible charisma and has established Munich as a sustainable fashion city alongside Berlin.

We have visitors from Luxembourg and London, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Our brands come from ten different nations. Our speakers are becoming more and more international. The requests for appearances, interviews, cooperations, partnerships come from everywhere. The visibility of the GREENSTYLE impresses us every day. Would you like a little impression? There are some clippings here

And then came March 13th, 2020.

Friday the 13th has had a whole new meaning since this year. Everything to zero. Reset. And even more. Because instead of opening the 4th edition with the press conference that day, we dismantled things without having achieved anything. The corona regulations, which have changed rapidly within a few days, have forced us to cancel the event on the same day. What a setback. All costs were incurred, funding, sponsorship and entrance fees were not paid.


What do you do as a trade fair and conference organizer if the event is canceled on the day of the event? Howl.

And then call all brands (50), speakers (30), models (10), team members & Co. Pull the emergency brake so that the people who trust us and support us do not cause even more inconvenience to make our events what they are. And howl again, because the encouragement that we received from our community for 100 cancellations by phone has simply opened the floodgates again.

The best community ever

Speaking of community. We knew that before, but now everyone knows: We have the best community ever. Some came to us at the Isarforum to dismantle without being asked, others supported our appeal for donations, which we started shortly afterwards on Startnext. We are still speechless at how many people answered our call in a time when nobody knows what tomorrow will be. And yet we got so much support. An important milestone on the long way of the GREENSTYLE rescue. Thanks to all supporters.


Welcome @ home of sustainable fashion

To give up? Doesn’t exist. Instead, one day after the dismantling, we started to set up and expand the GREENSTYLE online. We let the conference take place via Zoom (thanks to Susanne for the moderation and to Robert Auer | words in Motion, who turned the rigid zoom videos into exciting short formats). We used the lockdown to set up a news area. We have developed an extensive lexicon, started the GREENzine to allow sustainable fashion to take place in a lifestyle format. Not to mention our Brand Directory, in which 120 great brands are now represented with individual portraits.

GREENSTYLE continues. First digital – at some point also analog again.

And finally we have relaunched the entire website, which has also been available in English since July (thanks, Vanda for the technical implementation, Silke for your SEO expert knowledge and Fabienne for the English translations).

Brand new: GMUC agency | for game changer

Anyone who knows us knows what we want: more. More visibility, more change, more awareness. And that’s why we took the next consistent step in July and brought together the things that we had been doing in the background all along, brought them into shape and gave them a name: We have founded the GMUC agency | for game changer. An agency that has set itself the task of supporting the eco industry in its professionalization. Because sustainability has never been as important as it is today. So why not share our expertise with everyone? #bettertogether

GMUC Agency

We’re back: Popups in November 2020

Right now the times are more than crazy, but what should we do? Sustainability is becoming more important than ever. And that is what we want and should show. But not only on our website. Because we all long for human contact in the real world. With Messe Bolzano and GHM Munich, we have found great partners who believe in our topic and who make it possible for us to make two GREENSTYLE popups in November with their sophisticated hygiene and safety concepts. One in Bolzano. One in Munich. Expected. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything can take place as planned. See you there.

To be continued…

Thanks to everyone who makes these events possible, who believe in us, support us, encourage us, have to forego us when we always have no time, because you simply cannot save the world from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. And that’s exactly why we’re not giving up. Claudia from LIVALIKE once put it so aptly:

GREENSTYLE are not the others. We are all GREENSTYLE.

Many thanks also to our partners who believe in us and who made GREENSTYLE possible: