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Behind the label from Munich is the interior and product designer, Claudia Santiago Areal. But why does she make bags? Because she enjoys it. And because architecture can also be wonderfully transferred to bag design, as shown in her unique exhibits.

Was aussieht wie maximal festes Leder ist Papier,  das Claudia nach dreijähriger Entwicklungszeit in die Form gebracht hat, den sich die Perfektionistin vorstellt. Das Ergebnis? Ein gar nicht so kleines Kunstwerk, das zum Tragen fast zu schade ist. Aber genau darauf warten die LIVALIKE-Taschen, die beim Tragen weicher und ledriger werden, täglich an Patina gewinnen. In Würde altern nennt Claudia diesen Prozess, der ihre Taschen zu Begleitern mit Seele macht. Denn: „Schließlich geht es darum Freundschaften zu schließen mit den Dingen, die uns umgeben!“

What looks like maximum-strength leather is paper. After three years of development, Claudia has created the shape she always imagined. The result? A not so small work of art that is almost too good to wear. But that’s exactly what the LIVALIKE bags are waiting for, getting softer and more leathery with every wear and gaining patina every day. Claudia calls this process – which turns her bags into companions with soul – “aging with dignity”. Because: “After all, it is all about befriending the things around us!”


Why did the designer choose the vegan leather? The combination of cellulose and latex was much more appealing to her. But above all, it is free of toxic ingredients and therefore not harmful to the environment or health. It is OEKO-TEX® and FSC certified.

And that’s why Claudia expands the limited color range. In the meantime, her buyers can individually choose the color of the bag and the contrasting threads from a GOTS-certified XL selection. Real made in Munich. All products are lovingly and conscientiously manufactured in Claudia’s own Munich studio.

Good to know: The paper is washable, can be tumble dried and can even be ironed. And hey: The LIVALIKE TOTE 306 was awarded twice in 2019: with the German Design Award and the European Product Design Award.

Livalike by Claudia Santiago Areal

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