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Female Game Changer

Female Game Changer

When we publish a list of female game changers, certain names must of course not be missing. Yes, they can. Because we deliberately make this list differently. We have omitted the big names in order to give other committed women and their projects more visibility

Why am I starting the series on Female Game Changer right now? It’s simple: it’s Fashion Revolution Week. This is about change. And these women – each in their own way – advocate exactly that. Through educational work, as the founder of a brand with a transparent supply chain, as an activist, as a … game changer.

Welcome to our series: Female Game Changer

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Female Game Changer

Ursula Matschy | Lounge Cherie

Ursula Matschy has dedicated her life to fashion. To be precise: sustainable fashion and changes in the textile industry. After completing her fashion school and master’s examination for women’s dressmakers, the native of Graz worked for a long time in bespoke production before designing her own collection of traditional costumes made from natural materials in Munich. With the move to Styria, the idea for her loungewear label Lounge Cherie came up. Her motto? Avoid instead of recycling. That is why she consistently relies on the modal fiber Tencel TM, which, like the accessories for her collection, is produced in Austria.

Discover the work of Ursula Matschy now >>>

Female Game Changer

Marina Chahboune | Closed Loop Fashion

Marina has been a game changer from the very beginning. The sustainability manager has been dealing with production conditions in the textile industry for over a decade. After her time at the Hessnatur Foundation, she moved to Indonesia and, from there, advises mainly factories with large production volumes with her consulting agency “Closed Loop Fashion“. Chemical management, safety in the workplace, textile waste management, process optimization to save resources and also on fiber and material development. In addition to trainings in the factories, Marina organizes workshops for local communities.

That inspires us: Marina changes and inspires on site. And it keeps opening our eyes to the production conditions in Asia.

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Female Game Changer

Elisabeth Tocca | CORA happywear

Elisabeth “Lisi” Tocca is a pioneer of sustainable fashion in Italy with her women’s, baby and children’s label CORA. The Bolzano-born woman proves that sustainable fashion is much more than organic cotton with each of her projects, which she has been implementing with impressive consistency since 2014. She was the first brand to develop a resource-saving baby body made of eucalyptus fiber. And it even grows with you. It can be worn from 0 to 2 years. In autumn 2021 she will launch her circular model to give customers the opportunity to lease baby clothing. And there is more news. They are currently waiting for their patent and we are dying to publish them here.

We are enthusiastic about this: Lisi uses the whole range of sustainable fashion for change: Innovative materials that she helps to develop, clever concepts and alternative consumer models.

More about Circular by CORA >>>

Female Game Changer

Aika-Maresa Fischbeck | Femnet e.V.

After studying textile and clothing technology (including a master’s degree) and doing various internships, Aika joined the non-profit women’s rights association Femnet e.V. in 2015. It all started there with an internship. This was followed by a position as a student assistant, taking over the social media support and from May 2021 Aika will step into the limelight as a public relations officer.

We are enthusiastic about this: Aika stands up for the rights of women in the global clothing industry and, as a representative of the young generation, can communicate on an equal footing.

Read her portrait now >>>

Female Game Changer

Samira Nilius | fair2fair

Samira is an integral part of the Munich fair fashion community. Organization of the first Fair Fashion Forum, guided fair fashion tours for Orte des Wandels. Fair Fashionshow as part of the Klimaherbst … With her latest project, the social business fair2fair, Samira wants (and will!) fundamentally change consumption and buying: With fair2fair she creates a cooperative sales platform for textile products directly from the manufacturer in compliance with ethical standards regarding . ecological & social justice & transparent presentation

We are enthusiastic about this: Samira is committed to a solidarity-based textile industry and firmly believes in the community idea.

More about fair2fair >>>

Female Game Changer

Carmen Jenny and Sonja Wunderlich | CLOTHESfriends

Fellow students, friends, visionary founders. After graduating from AMD Munich, Carmen and Sonja dared to take the step of self-employment via Sations at various fashion magazines. Convinced that lending is the new buying, they developed the fashion sharing platform CLOTHESfriends AG onto the market. This peer-to-peer platform makes it possible for us to share our wardrobes in a resource-saving way.

We are enthusiastic about this: The enthusiasm and energy in the implementation of this circular consumption model, which makes variety in styling uncomplicated.

Download the APP now and swap, swap, swap >>>