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Models with Message

Fashion is more than clothing. Fashion is an expression of personality, style and storytelling. And fashion is an opportunity to shape our time through conscious purchasing decisions. With fairly produced collections that have stories to tell. Just like the clothes from these brands and the models from Anna Voelske's Fair Model Agency. Zeitgeist looks for game changers with style.

Butzbach in Hesse. Home of hessnatur and the home of the first agency for fair models. Anna Voelske and her team shot a 100 percent sustainable editorial. With fair clothing, fair models and fair quotes.

Personality, style, storytelling – fashion is so much more than clothing (and slow so much more than fast fashion).

With fashion you can express your personality. Create your own style. Tell stories. Earrings made from upcycling wool threads, patchwork bombers made from leftover denim, dresses, pants and skirts made from organic cotton – this fashion has a message, because this fashion is sustainable. Behind each of these brands are people with individual stories that have led them to follow a responsible path in fashion. Recycling, upcycling, innovative materials – there are many facets of sustainability, but all of these items of clothing have one thing in common: they are fair. Just as fair as the models who staged them …

We have to pool our competencies in order to create something great together.
Sandra, 34, fashion blogger

Fair Models

Earrings Tassel Tales, Top Helena Harfst, Jacket elemente clemente, Shoes Alina Schürfeld, Hair band Bridge&Tunnel, Ring caroraue, Belt Nudie Jeans

If the companies don’t finally all become sustainable, it’s hard for people to face it.
Miriam, 22, student of cultural studies & European ethnology & philosophy

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Mode(ls) mit Message

Coat Susann Voelske, Dress Susann Voelske, Shoes hessnatur, Leggings Privat, Bag Bridge&Tunnel, Bum bag Bridge&Tunnel, Earrings zerum@greenality

Today you have to look at the environment with different eyes and find your personal eternal value for yourself.
Konni, 41, pastor

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Jacket hessnatur, Trousers Tentree, Pullover Armedangels, Scarf Made in Freedom, Shoes Grand Step Shoes

Thinking about sustainability helps me find a slow down button for my life.
Lisa, 29, actress

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Mode(ls) mit Message

left: Jacket LangerChen, Pullover Enna Design/Waschbär, Earrings Tassel Tales
right: Petrol Jacket Feuervogl, Blouse & Trousers tRUE STANDARD, Shoes Alina Schürfeld

Nowadays society is dominated by pressure to perform and success. There is no place for the environment.
Anna, 20, in the federal volunteer service

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Mode(ls) mit Message

Overall tRUE STANDARD, Jacket LangerChen, Bag greenality, Shoes Alina Schürfeld, Earrings Tassel Tales

We cannot wait for a switch to sustainability – we have to boycott everyone who is not yet.
Julian, 27, student of philosophy

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Backpack Bridge&Tunnel, Hair tie Bridge&Tunnel, Shoes Greener Grass, Jacket LangerChen, Pants / vest Feuervogl

We have to find a way to work with nature, not against it.
Annika, 22, student of business administration

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Mode(ls) mit Message

Blouson Bridge&Tunnel, Bag Myintox, Dress Helena Harfst, Bag Bridge&Tunnel, Shoes privat

Photographers: Pete Ruppert, Tomaz Bem 

Hair & Makeup: Carina Kristand

Styling: Pia Lamoureux-Loew

Art Direction: Anna Voelske

Postproduction: Thomas Walenta