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Christine Ladstätter

Christine Ladstätter – SALEWA

Christine Ladstätter studied fashion in Urbino and immediately applied to SALEWA.

She started the job in a at that time very small team and thus began her experience in the field of development and mountain sports clothing. Christine Ladstätter has been active in various roles and positions at the South Tyrolean mountain sports company SALEWA for 29 years, most recently as “Innovation & Special Projects Manager”. The mother of three sons has been working part-time since the birth of her children, when you talk to her you can feel how much she still enjoys her work, how important the development of the brand is to her, and the development of the company in general.

“Sustainability and innovation have always been part of SALEWA’s DNA,” she says, “when I started at SALEWA, there was a concept called “Do not disturb ”, a mindfulness protocol on how to deal with the environment and nature.“ She was and is significantly involved in the consistent further development of these topics. The company’s regional background has played an increasingly important role in material development for a number of years, the hybrid material “Tirol Wool Responsive” emerged from intensive involvement with wool, and SALEWA has just launched the first Alpine Hemp climbing collection, under the direction of Christine Ladstätter was developed.

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