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Alexandra Drissner

Alexandra Drissner – Sellpy

Alexandra Drissner's affinity for the textile industry runs in the family. Because she works in retail. As Country Manager of the Swedish second hand online platform Sellpy, she gives people the opportunity to act sustainably in an uncomplicated way

Bachelor studies in business administration in Ingolstadt, master in Stockholm. This was followed by a job as a consultant at a Munich-based marketing consultancy and three years later at Zalando. Alexandra Drissner has been with Sellpy, Sweden’s largest second-hand online shop and sales service, since March 2020, as Country Manager for Germany and, since 2021, also for Austria.

Anyone can act sustainably through second hand – it’s cheap, fun, accessible online for everyone and conserves resources.

Sellpy has also been available in Germany since 2020. Sellpy makes it easy to buy and sell second hand and keep used clothing and other items longer. Here’s how: Pack clothes and other items in a Sellpy bag and ship them. Sellpy takes over the further processing. H&M has been the main shareholder of Sellpy since autumn 2019,

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