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We love fashion like we love the circus, but we're sick of the ubiquitous fashion circus." This statement on YAR’s website is what they stand for. YAR – three women of different professions, pursuing a common vision and creating alternatives to fast fashion.

Sarah Heilingbrunner, Marga and Wanda Leuthe met during an interim use of the “Nuremberg Quelle” site. They are not fashion girls, but they enjoy clothing, materials, craftsmanship and design. And they love alternatives. Alternatives to conventional fashion, to classic cotton and to the consumer mania. That’s why they created Studio YAR in 2017 and have been searching for alternatives (and finding them!) together ever since.

Everyone bears responsibility. To live up to this responsibility, we founded YAR.

The trio belongs to the makers. They want to make an impact. They are involved in open workshop concepts, do educational work and develop workshops and events.

According to their own statement, they use ecological fibers as an alternative to cotton. Besides polyester (60 percent), cotton is the leader in the textile market with almost 40 percent. This fiber monotony is broken up by using materials such as hemp, linen, wool, yak and lyocell.

The YAR materials: ecological fibers

Environmentally friendly cultivation, species-appropriate husbandry, lower water consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, fair working conditions and transparency along the entire supply chain as well as avoiding harmful and toxic substances are the criteria that YAR uses as a fundament for the selection of materials.

The YAR collection is the range.

Sie wird behutsam erweitert oder reduziert. Die Grundästhetik bleibt jedoch gleich: klare Schnitte mit zeitlosem Design, die mit unterschiedlichen Materialien funktionieren. Neben der Kollektion werden auch Einzelstücke aus pre- und post-consumer waste gefertigt. Auf Anfrage gibt es Einzelstücke nach eigener Vorstellung. Sogar Zuschnittreste werden zu Accessoires verarbeitet. Produziert wird in Nürnberg. Und das macht das Konzept komplett.

The YAR collection carefully extended or reduced. The basic aesthetics, however, remain the same: clear cuts with timeless design that work with different materials. In addition to the collection, individual pieces are also produced from pre- and post-consumer waste. Individual pieces according to your own ideas are available on request. Even scraps are processed into accessories. Production is in Nuremberg. And that makes the concept complete.

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