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(Responsible) Fashion Summit

Throwback to (1st) GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit

Weeks of preparation, countless emails, phone calls and zoom / team meetings, countless texts, portraits, the elaboration of a 2-day program, scheduling, technical meetings ... Honestly? We underestimated that a bit when we announced the GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit in December 2020.

Under the motto “Act now” we streamed 20 topics into the world (well, at least in 16 countries) in two days in order to push the topic of “sustainable fashion” and to give society concrete support for responsible behavior. Because now is the time to act.

Missed? This is a pity. But not that bad. Because we will successively put all formats online on the CONFERENCE page in order to reach even more people with our content.

We received a lot of feedback for the wide range of topics and for the varied formats. The change between recorded talks and live conversations as well as the moderation from a real studio contributed to being able to provide 8.5 hours that were both informative and entertaining. That drove the tech team to the edge of insanity, but they did a great job. 1000 thanks for that!

(Responsible) Fashion Summit

GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit in numbers:

  • 2 days (8.5 h) conferenze
  • 2 moderators
  • 3 technicians and organizational talents
  • 3 streaming platforms (website, Youtube, Clubhouse)
  • 10 partners – discover here what connects us with everyone >>>
  • 16 (!) countries followed the live stream: Germany, USA, Singapore, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, China, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Spain, India and Denmark The program comprised 20 topics. View here
    The program comprised 20 topics. View here >>>
  • 34 speakers: read the portraits now and network >>>
  • Almost 2,000 viewers and listeners on our website / our Youtube (1685) and Clubhouse (200)
  • Countless publications including on, Süddeutsche Zeitung,, Neonyt, B5 aktuell, mucbook, Haus von Eden, franzmagazine, Isar Blog and on the pages / accounts of the community e.g. Fashion Revolution Germany, Sustainable Fashion Matterz, Fashion Changers

*** New ***: GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit @ Clubhouse

This has never happened before: With the GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit we wanted to break new ground: create new formats. Bringing new topics to the agenda, showing new faces. This also includes the availability of the audience. In addition to the streams on our website and our YouTube channel, we were the first conference format to stream the audio data live on the Clubhouse social network app (thanks to Florian Müller / Fashion Revolution Germany). GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit to go for everyone who doesn’t want to miss anything on the go.

How many people does it take to implement an XL program like this? Lots. We made it with the smallest (and best) team ever! Thanks to (alphabetically):

  • Anja Wechsler organized the campaign shoot and took photos on site
  • Florens Smend, who not only realized the visual implementation but also managed the entire coordination on site
  • As a hair & make-up artist, Iris Martin made up the presenters to make them suitable for the stage
  • Jan Frommel took photos and made his fantastic photo studio available to us
  • Matthias Wanek operated endless controls on mixing consoles and put the whole program together for you live
  • Mirjam Smend was responsible for the conception, organization, moderation and content implementation
  • Peter Laschtowitz installed the streaming studio in advance, organized the technology, coordinated the processes …
  • Susanne Barta accompanied Mirjam Smend as co-moderator on the stage
  • Tobias Mörtel planned, set up, dismantled and supported the video technology

We are still overwhelmed by the feedback and are going into the next round with big plans and full of vigor: Save the Date for GREENSTYLE @ Frankfurt Fashion Week (9-11 July 2021) >>>

(Responsible) Fashion Summit

Quotes: That’s what they say about the GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit

It’s really impressive what you’ve done. Not only am I personally maximally inspired, but as a #kreativmuenchen consultant I also take a lot of new and valuable knowledge with me! Thank you, you are great !!!!

Britta Buck, Competence Team Culture and Creative Industries, LH Munich

The two days were interesting, entertaining, varied and I experienced and learned a lot. It’s unbelievable what you’ve set up again!

Sabine Unger

Congratulations on the successful GREENSTYLE Summit – simply great!

Jasmin Huber (WeDress Collective)

I congratulate you on the Responsible Fashion Summit! You succeeded very well! The posts and topics were very interesting and made understandable for everyone (also for laypeople like me), the format varied and never boring and you did the moderation just great!

Anna Baldo, project manager Biolife, Bolzano Exhibition Center

So a big compliment to all of you!