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The Renewery

The Renewery

With their label THE RENEWERY, Hannah and Leila set an example against the throwaway society and make stylish favorite pieces from pieces that deserve a second chance. The unique pieces are available on their Instagram feed.

The two Munich students used to shop at well-known brands. Today they prefer second hand and vintage stores. But not only privately. Since the launch of their own label THE RENEWERY in April 2019, the two students have been spending their time at VinoKilo, Pick’n’Weight & Co. also for professional reasons.

Brand new and up to the #zeitgeist – THE RENEWERY

Because this is where Hannah and Leila buy second-hand clothes, which they then tailor to meet the needs of the times and then sell them again on Instagram via @therenewery. Sometimes there are small, subtle changes like a dart here or there. Sometimes the neckline is trimmed from round to boxy. Often it is only little things that turn a discarded piece into a new favorite.

The Renewery
© The Renewery

Second hand meets upcycling – the sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

The first collection (Creamy Collection) was very well received. Here cropped shirts meet oversized pieces, hot pants and pleated minis meet floor-length Marlene pants. There were first teasers for the second collection at the 3rd edition of GREENSTYLE. Instead of delicate summer tops and negligee looks, the two students then come up with a seasonally adapted collection of unisex pieces.

renewery, engl., noun. the process of adjusting vintage clothes to a modern silhouette.

The duo-tone clothes are particularly exciting. Because by dividing and reassembling two pieces of clothing, the two create completely new looks. Perfectly implemented with the oversized shirts in cream and white as well as with the olive-green Burberry blazers (with and without “check”).

The Renewery
© The Renewery

The Renewery. The old is the new new. And still trendy.

The two of them find inspiration via social media and thus pick up on the zeitgeist of current fashion. It is very important that their old new favorites are trendy. Because they want to target those consumers who would otherwise buy from the usual chains.

In love? Then be quick. Because each piece is only available once at THE RENEWERY.


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