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GOOD news: Sustainable Wardrobe Workshop

Sustainable Wardrobe
© Daria Andronescu

Daria Andronescu has been working as a personal shopper for over ten years, developing multifunctional seasonal capsule wardrobes for her customers worldwide. She uses a specially developed method, the “Wonder Wardrobe”, which she makes accessible to everyone on her homepage and in YouTube tutorials.

Her knowledge including instructions is deepened in (paid) online courses, which help to create individual, multifunctional and well-organized Capsule Wardrobes while protecting the environment. Because part of the concept is the rediscovered appreciation of fashion, which today has degenerated into a disposable commodity. Daria Andronescu advises people to make better and more sustainable decisions when buying clothes and encourages people to wear them longer.

She is on the right track with her approach of a reduced wardrobe. The rediscovered appreciation for clothes and advice on finding one’s own style was awarded by the sustainable online magazine Daria was declared one of seven most powerful women in sustainable fashion.

SIGN UP NOW: At GREENSTYLE Wonder Wardrobe founder, Daria Andronescu, will give a one-hour sustainable wardrobe workshop. Language: English.

***Workshop Description***

What if you found a way to see your clothes in new, exciting outfits? Daria’s professional stylist advice is distilled in this 1 hour workshop based on her successful online course, Wonder Wardrobe. It’s the right place to discover your ideal wardrobe size, do a wardrobe revision and make interchangeable outfits with clothes you already have.