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In 2019, four smart, young Italian entrepreneurs founded Staiy, an innovative online fashion platform to present and access sustainable fashion with urban style. The founders are convinced that sustainable brands can become an authority in style.

Adrian Leue, Alessandro Nora, Ludovico Durante and Chiara Latini moved to Berlin to finish their studies. The city has captivated them: trends, the sustainable lifestyle, open-minded people and the good ecosystem for start-ups. Currently, the four visionaries are still living in the capital and have enriched the sustainable fashion landscape with another online shop called Staiy. However, simply sustainable shopping was not enough for them.


The four entrepreneurs want to accelerate the transition to sustainable fashion and minimize the ecological footprint of the fashion production. Technology plays a major role; sustainability and being technologically up to date are not mutually exclusive. Both are contemporary issues. Staiy offers a style-oriented recommendation algorithm which – based on insights from an introductory questionnaire and ongoing evaluation processes – enables an individual user experience.

The motto of Staiy: “Sustainable Fashion meets AI”.

Brands such as Rotholz, Rhumaa, Komodo, Puya and nat-2™ are selected according to Staiy’s own sustainability assessment, which includes more than 60 questions and analyzes the entire value chain with regards to the following parameters: commitment, materials, people, air and water. Since further development in the sustainable area is one of Staiy’s declared goals, the committed young entrepreneurs have integrated the Sustainability Development Goals. The brands’ developments in these areas can be tracked on the website.



„We want to create a community that is educated about sustainability“.

Every year, Staiy supports a selected project. This year, they chose “OneTreePlanted.” According to Staiy, business and the commitment for a better world are connected.

More about Staiy. Click here

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