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Sonja Wunderlich

Sonja Wunderlich – CLOTHESfriends

Fashion journalism and media communication at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design Munich as well as a degree from the European College of Business and Management prepared Sonja Wunderlich to found her own business very early.

There’s no such thing as the right age for it. And if you are as convinced of your idea as the woman from Munich, then there is no reason to wait.

Renting and renting clothes as a sustainable, sensible and practical alternative to shopping

As co-founder & COO, she can certainly use her experience at Madame and Cosmopolitan, the print and online editors of ICON and WELT as well as a marketing internship with the fashion professionals Talbot Runhof. Because in October 2020 she and her fellow student Carmen Jenny launched the fashion sharing platform CLOTHESfriends AG. Convinced that borrowing is the new way of shopping, Sonja Wunderlich is building the necessary network around the innovative sharing app with maximum commitment in order to turn her idea of circular fashion into reality. Launch date for CLOTHESfriends: April 6, 2021.

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