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Peru Natural

Peru Natural – upcycled in Bavaria

Germany imports over a million tons of coffee every year - the number of coffee sacks that have served their actual purpose after the beans have been transferred is correspondingly high. Instead of disposing of them, Roxana Diaz with her label Peru Natural is giving as many sacks as possible a new life as casual shopping bags with colorful prints.

Even if her start-up was only founded at the end of 2020, Roxana Diaz is not a newcomer to the textile industry. The native Peruvian gained more than ten years of experience before she set up her own idea. With Peru Natural, she has turned her desire to manufacture products with a different business model into a reality. The focus here is on ecological responsibility, women empowerment and transparency. The implementation? Roxana Diaz gives coffee sacks that are no longer needed a second life instead of throwing them away. As original, simple, practical, durable and environmentally friendly shopping bags and accessories: 100 percent handmade. 100 percent local.

Peru Natural

We want to create an ecologically sustainable world. We use recycled jute coffee sacks for this and thus avoid unnecessary rubbish, such as plastic bags. Roxana Diaz, Peru Natural

The impact? In Germany, 320 million cups of coffee are drunk every day. You don’t have to be a mathematician to get a rough idea of how many bags it would take. Twice as good: Upcycling your bags reduces the amount of rubbish. Plus: As robust, reusable shopping bags (in numerous sizes and styles!) They replace plastic and paper bags when shopping. With her iconic jute bags and pouches, the Munich resident is not only contributing to the solution of an ecological problem. With its female empowerment agenda and its steadily growing network of seamstresses, Peru Natural enables women to strengthen their professional careers. And with the sale of every bag, she supports a girls’ house in her home country.

Peru Natural

By sustainability we mean that future generations can develop just as freely and unhindered as the people who live in the present. To ensure this, environmental protection is a key responsibility. Roxana Diaz

To get her “raw material”, the coffee sacks, Roxana Diaz works hand in hand with coffee roasters and wholesalers. After a thorough cleaning (the bags have come a long way), they are cut to size and lined with recycled cotton fabrics. Local production is a matter of course for Roxana. That is why she has set up a network of seamstresses in Bavaria. The result? Unique shoulder and tote bags with artistic prints that make the planet a little better and, with their very personal story, the streetscape more colorful.

Peru Natural

Every sack has come a long way. Each bag tells its own story.

Roxana Diaz is not just the woman with the coffee sacks. Roxana is also known as “the woman with the suitcase”. The collection of the coffee sacks, the delivery of the “raw material” to the seamstresses, the delivery of the production and also the dispatch of the bags to the shops – at Peru Natural the transport always takes place with a suitcase. Sustainability is lived here. In every single step.

Good to know: The coffee sack collection is complemented by cosmetic bags that Roxana has made from leftovers and sample fabrics from interior shops in and around Munich. Planned next step: an expansion of the collection to include backpacks and belt bags

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