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Naditum – timeless luxury bags

Malin Bernreuther worked as a womenswear designer in the luxury segment for over a decade before she launched her high-end bag label Naditum. Her motivation? Personal curiosity, the conviction that the market lacked a sustainable brand that could keep up with the luxury segment and the expansion of women's networks.

In her career in various luxury fashion houses in Paris and Munich, Malin Bernreuther lacked criteria such as sustainability and transparency. That is why she founded her own label for luxury leather goods with precisely this content. The studied fashion designer (Antwerp, Berlin) went in search of suppliers and production facilities that share her high standards. It wasn’t an easy path. Until the final decision was made, the bag production was tested in several companies in four different countries. The first Naditum products finally came onto the market in 2018.

Naditum Main Values? Transparency, craftsmanship, sustainability and female empowerment.

Naditum wants to empower women and encourage them to support one another. This is hidden (not only!) behind the name. The denotes ancient Babylonian women’s communities that formed 2000 BC have strengthened each other and were economically independent. They held high offices and professions reserved for men. The mutual support from the modern “Naditum network” that she was able to experience when she founded the company should resonate in each of her products. That is why the bag series also bear the names of strong goddesses.

Malin Bernreuther: I wanted to design bags that strengthen. #WeLoveWomen

The cowhide of the timeless (and seasonal) bags comes from a traditional Italian tannery near Florence, which has specialized in the vegetable tanning of high-quality leather for over 70 years. Vegetable tanning is the epitome of slowness. A luxury that can be seen in the finished product. Smooth handle and the characteristic naturalness that results from unevenness, scars and color differences. Not to forget the iconic wood aroma that the leather owes to the 40-day tanning process in wooden barrels.


An XL challenge? To find reliable suppliers and producers who produce small quantities of the highest quality.

It was a long time ago that “Made in …” was a quality feature. This is due to the fact that the name refers to where the last step in the manufacturing process took place. However, all work steps that are necessary for the production of a Naditum bag are carried out in Portugal. The production takes place near Porto in a manufactory specializing in fine bag making, which was founded by a woman in 1984. While the pattern development works digitally, the leather is still cut by hand and then put together with all the ingredients to make the finished bag.

Transparent production is a matter of course at Naditum. All suppliers and production sites can be read in detail on the website.

The timeless all-rounders, which work just as well for the office as they do for shopping and evening events, are lined with a velvety (and dirt-repellent!) Micro-velor. from a small manufacture in Abruzzo / Italy. The OEKO-TEX certified zipper tapes are woven and dyed in a family business in Lombardy or manufactured in their second headquarters in Hungary. The search for a metal manufacturer that can deliver consistent quality was particularly laborious. The result? One ingredient supplier manufactures magnetic snap fasteners & Co in Lombardy, another in the Chinese province of Guangdong, the rivets.

Good to know: if you want to learn perfect leather care from a professional – the magazine on is about impregnation, care, storage, protection and cleaning, so that your loyal companion stays with us for a long time.

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