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Hemp Wear

MÁ Hemp Wear

Wonderfully clean looks made from maximum sustainable raw material and fair production. The label, MÁ Hemp Wear, from Hamburg wants to polish up the image of hemp with its ultra-soft jumpers, pants, t-shirts and boxer shorts. Mission accomplished.

Ulrik Schiötz sees hemp as a solution to the numerous challenges in the fashion industry. After all, hemp can supply high-quality fabrics on a large scale without harming people and the environment. There is no need for the use of pesticides and herbicides. The water requirement is very low and hemp roots contribute to the regeneration of soils. Hemp Wear has a maximum yield.

Mass production with synthetic and cotton fabrics must not be a long-term perspective for the textile industry because it is simply too harmful. Ulrik Schiötz

MA Hemp Wear
© MA Hemp Wear

Thermoactivated, antibacterial, anti-allergic and UV-resistant – the ancient plant offers all these benefits, whereas other textiles have to be chemically treated to obtain these properties. And that is why Ulrik Schiötz has “revived” the useful and forgotten plant and has been producing urban streetwear made of hemp under the name MÁ Hemp Wear since the end of 2019. Clean, minimalistic, timeless.

Urban clothing made from hemp

The sustainability philosophy of the brand does not stop at the fabric: Labels made of cotton instead of nylon, hemp buttons instead of plastic and grass paper instead of plastic. The idea is consistent in the entire brand.

In the colors old gold yellow, acid berry, blue dusk

MA Hemp Wear
© MA Hemp Wear

There is nothing to hide because transparency is essential at MÁ: The fabrics are made by Hemp Fortex (member of the Fair Wear Foundation) in the north of China. Here they work under fair conditions and support social projects in the region through a foundation.

Sewing is done in Portugal at the family-run company Soeiro, which also works for other sustainable brands. The collections are then dyed with environmentally friendly dyes (GOTS Garment Dye) and washed about an hour’s drive away, near Quinta & Santaos.

Why does MÁ Hemp Wear not have certificates? Quite simple. Because there is no certified organic hemp.

And why MÁ? MÁ means hemp in Chinese. Makes sense because hemp fabrics have a millennium old tradition in China, which Ulrik Schiötz wants to revive in Germany with his brand.

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