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The trio at LEIT & HELD wants to redefine leather production. Instead of fast trends and low prices, the brand's products – made in Germany – are about timeless design, honest products and transparency along the entire value chain.

Strikingly minimalist laptop sleeves, card pouches, wallets, bagpacks and pockets in cognac-colored or black leather. This is a brief description of the product range of the Berlin-based brand LEIT & HELD, founded in 2018.

We aim to create products for conscious consumerism

Behind the pure look is of course a concept that has been thought out to the maximum. The interdisciplinary team did not come together by conicidence. Pia Held has worked as art director and designer, Dana Mikoleit is an interior designer and Nina Conrad, the Sustainability Manager. Yet, what connects the three? The desire for honesty, sustainability and transparency in the fashion or leather industry.

And because change only works together, the team is happy to share its expertise.

The three women prove that this can work with a consistently well thought-out concept. Everything made in Germany. Under fair conditions, of course. They even provide insight into the pricing policy.


LEIT & HELD – Made by nature in Germany.

The animals live in southern Germany and are kept in a species-appropriate manner on certified organic farms for the meat and dairy industry. LEIT & HELD works exclusively with leather from animals that have been respectfully slaughtered at the certified organic slaughterhouse Fairfleisch (Demeter) in Überlingen. Vegetable tanning is done exclusively with renewable raw materials at the August Renz leather factory in Tuttlingen. The minimalist leather goods are produced in the family-run manufactory H.F. Anton in Solingen.

LEIT & HELD is a member of Textile Exchange, the largest NGO working for change in the textile industry. With their expertise, they advocate more transparency in the leather industry at the Responsible Leather Roundtable

And why leather?

Because it is the consistently sustainable material for LEIT & HELD. As a by-product of the meat and dairy industry, they use the leather to make their collection instead of letting it rot. Vegan variants based on petroleum-based plastics and provided with chemical binders and coatings are no alternative for the trio from Berlin.

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