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Lai Chun

Lai Chun – Shop for eco & fair design

The fact that eco doesn't look like sackcloth and that sustainable products can easily keep up with conventional parts in terms of design is reflected in every image in the Lai Chun online shop. Quite apart from that, the story is far from over here - it is only just beginning

Anyone who opens Sandra Lai-Chun Schweinsberg-Cheung’s Instagram account knows what it is about at first glance. Aesthetics. In combination with her sustainable lifestyle, a mood board has been created here over the years that shows what is important to her. Her online magazine Lai Chun also makes it clear to the beholder at every glance that eco doesn’t have to look eco-friendly. And that – appropriately curated – is not a design step behind conventional products. On the contrary.

Handpicked recommendations and a variety of clearly arranged favorite items.

In autumn 2020, the dedicated fashion expert went one (consistent!) step further. She opened Lai Chun The Store. Online only. She continues her storytelling of course with the handpicked and personally recommended items. Because that is precisely the advantage of eco products. They can tell the beautiful stories that conventional products often miss.

Lai Chun

Welcome to Lai Chun Shop: personal recommendations – carefully curated, harmoniously staged.

And so you will find coffee mugs made of recycled coffee grounds, drinking bottles made of glass and the practical backpacks from Aevor with the green button as well as the precisely designed fountain pens made of copper or brass, for which no disposable cartridges are required, in a first serve. Here you can find vegan dental floss, reusable make-up removal pads and bamboo toothbrushes. Everything is so pretty that you don’t want to hide it in the bathroom cabinet, but rather insta-suitable, for everyone to see (photography allowed).

Lai Chun

The growth of the product range? Wonderfully slow and organic like the products.

The sustainable facial soaps from Binu Beauty (you must try them!) and the super smart shoes from Mime et Moi are newer. Vegan or made of chrome-free leather. Midi during the day, heels in the evening and later flats – the heel changers from Mime et Moi make it possible. Because every shoe works thanks to the included heel stiletto or super block heel (each in two different heights) or flat.

Lai Chun

“Lai” stands for inspiration and “Chun” for progress.

Slow und überlegt wird Lai Chun, der Shop, auf- und ausgebaut. Denn dass die Produkt-Bilder, optisch so herrlich harmonieren ist kein Zufall. Hier wird geshootet und arrangiert, inszeniert und dekoriert, um die kleinen Schätze ins rechte Licht zu setzen. Danke, dass Nachhaltig so stylisch aussehen kann.

Lai Chun, the shop, is being built up and expanded slowly and carefully. It is no coincidence that the product images harmonize so beautifully. This is where it is shooted and arranged, staged and decorated in order to put the little treasures in the right light. Thank you that sustainable can look so stylish.

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