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#goodair for good coexistence

Fair Fashion Solidarity, Neighborhood Aid & Co. - we shouldn't forget all the good things we learn in times of crisis in good times. That's why Munich communication expert Holger Petermann from THINK INC. launched the #guteluft campaign

THINK INC. Co-founder Holger Petermann at the GREENSTYLE Conference in March 2020 on the panel “The colors of the season… are the shadow of sustainability. Is there the right way? ”Participated. But as you know, nothing came of it. Then Corona intervened. And Corona, or the experience of that time, inspired the PR and marketing experts to launch the #goodair campaign.

Show attitude and take responsibility.
Your ethical actions count – now and after Corona.

What’s the matter? The campaign wants to “focus on mindful and responsible cooperation and also maintain it for the time after Corona”. Susanne Barta asked Holger Petermann about the campaign via zoom, because what we are learning in the crisis should not be forgotten in good times.

“We have to see that we can now build the economy better according to slightly different guidelines.” Holger Petermann, THINK INC.

Most of us assume that this time will leave its mark. What we learn from it and take with us, let’s see. “The #goodair campaign conveys what we have today, we should continue to use tomorrow and not lose it anymore.” Holger believes that “such world crises will already lead to social changes.”

“A lot of children and young people have these values that we don’t have, they learn them playfully. My hope is with the youth.”

Holger’s guide to viral success:

A You discover the campaign and share it, just join in!
B Make your own motif, use the building blocks (see below) and post this in your feed
C link the hashtags and your friends you want to share it with

Here are the tools:

  1. Choose a relevant picture, one of yourself or that of a friend.
  2. Integrate #guteluft and highlight the term in blue
  3. Accept the good air basic text and place it on your picture: What we learn now in the crisis, we should not forget in good times. Show attitude and take responsibility. Your ethical actions count – now and after Corona. NOW IS THE NEW NORMAL
  4. Hashtag #guteluft or #goodair
  5. Tag your friends and share your motifs, because there are so many!
  6. link: @holger_petermann


A campaign by Holger Petermann, THINK INC. Communications