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Federico Garcea

Federico Garcea – Treedom

nspired by the browser game FarmVille, Federico Garcea founded the online platform Treedom, which enables people to contribute to the reforestation of the planet with real trees

.At the age of 25, Federico Garcea, who studied Politics and Economics in Florence, left his bank job because it was no longer fulfilling. In search of new impulses, he decided on an area that promised him both professional and personal satisfaction: the environment.

Thanks to its interactive online platform, Treedom brings tree-planting playfully into the 21st century. Let’s green the planet.

With his B-Corp certified company Treedom, the Italian has contributed 1.8 million trees to the reforestation of the planet since it was founded in 2011. Treedom is the only online platform through which people and companies can remotely plant trees on smallholder farms and follow their journey with regular online updates for up to 10 years. This not only offsets CO2 emissions. In this way, small farmers in economic difficulties are also directly supported and reforestation is made a sustainable long-term source of income.

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