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GREENSTYLE forrest – plant now!

With GREENSTYLE we want to do things in this world better. We do this as responsibly as we can. Still, we leave a footprint. We are now compensating for this with a GREENSTYLE Forest by Treedom.

We work from home and accordingly generate less CO2 because we don’t have to commute to the office. We work as zero waste as possible at our events. But of course our work also leaves a footprint: Our website, our digital conference, our exhibitors and visitors who come to our events. We are working on reducing that even further, step by step. At the same time, we want to balance things out. That’s why we teamed up with Treedom and planted 50 trees in the GREENSTYLE forest.

Curious? Rightly. This is what it looks like in the GREENSTYLE forest right now:

Do you want to support us and let our forest continue to grow?
Now choose a tree at Treedom >>>

What makes Treedom so special? Federico Garcea (thank you at this point for the inspiring conversation at the GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit) with his Italian B-Corp company Treedom is not only contributing to the reforestation of our planet (1.8 million trees have been planted since it was founded in 2014). With Treedom, smallholders in Asia, Africa, South America and Italy are financed to look after the trees in the first years of life.

Planting a tree with Treedom means helping smallholders financially in planting a tree and supporting them until the tree bears the first fruits.

Treedom provides the necessary know-how and offers technical support for planting and caring for the trees. In this way, sustainable ecosystems are created and thousands of smallholders are helped with start-up funding for planting new trees. In this way, food security and income opportunities can be guaranteed in the long term. Plus: The trees bind CO2 and thus benefit the entire planet.

Good to know: All trees are geolocated with photos and regularly checked by Treedom.

More about Treedom >>>