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Fashion for face masks

Fashion industry is most heavily struck by corona and its effects. Due to delivery, dispatch and shop shutdowns production chains are interrupted, turnovers decrease and small brands in the first place are threatened in means of existence. To prevent short-time work, dismissals and company closings some eco brands, fashion enterprises and old fashioned businesses switch production to fabricate highly needed face masks.

Eco Brand Support: Sustainable brands producing face masks will be listed the upcoming days. You are fabricating face masks and like to be listed here? Please provide information, product image and link via email to


One of the first forced to cancel its GREENSTYLE Conference participation was Salewa. The South Tyrol company used to take Corona issues very serious from the beginning and ordered early travel stops for its employees. Meanwhile Oberalp group has suspended drapery production and is fabricating face masks and protective gear for hospitals. For more information on Salewa and correct use of quick drying tube scarf as face mask substitute click here.


Two years ago lingerie expert Mey celebrated its 90th anniversary by creating a special collection and the Pay What You Want campaign. Social and ecological sustainability are traditional values of the family business from Albstadt. Instead of loungewear, lingerie and underwear face masks are being produced. Jobs remain safe and desperately needed scarce goods are fabricated this way. Mey processes cotton which is washable at 90°C and therefore reusable. Face masks are distributed to hospitals and medical institutions. Learn more about Mey


Also Eterna switched to crisis-induced fabrication of face masks. Those are being produced in a company owned factory in Slowakia. 13.000 copies have been produced on the very first production day. 25.000 copies per day are aimed. All workers can remain in full employment this way. Actually masks mustn’t be used outside Slowakia but the company from Passau is applying for permission of pan-European delivery and diversification of production to fabricate other protective gear. Learn more about Eterna

Fast Fashion goes face mask

H&M is about to adjust its production chain in favour of being able to fabricate and provide protective gear. Swedish company will use all its infrastructure and capacities of acquisition and logistics to ensure quickest possible dispatch and distribution of protective gear. Also spanish Inditex group (Zara etc.) joined face mask production and provides it to spanish authorities free of charge. 300.000 surgery face masks are about to be produced and provided to public health care system.