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DRip by drip

Drip by Drip: Drinking water for Bangladesh

Almost 80 billion cubic meters of water were used in the fashion industry five years ago. Sounds a lot? It's a lot. Because of this amount of water, all people in Germany could be supplied with 1.44 liters of water every day.

With its campaigns, the NGO Drip by Drip draws attention to the connection between water consumption / water pollution and the textile industry and has launched a fundraising campaign to support workers in Bangladesh.

Countries such as Bangladesh are particularly affected by this issue. As the industry continues to grow there, water is becoming scarcer and water pollution from the textile industry is increasing.

The Berlin NGO Drip by Drip collects donations to counteract this and to provide the local people with sufficient drinking water. With this money, water filters are bought to supply textile workers in Dhaka / Bangladesh with drinking water.
Good to know: A filter has a shelf life of ten years and is serviced by local partners on site.

DRip by drip

Why Bangladesh?

The situation on site was difficult even before Corona. As a final step in the textile manufacturing chain, Bangladesh has been particularly hard hit by the crisis.

♦ Bangladesh is the second largest manufacturer and exporter of clothing worldwide
♦ The clothing industry accounts for 84% of the country’s total export earnings
♦ employs 4.1 million textile workers
♦ 1,150 factories were closed after canceling their export orders

Since one employee financially supports at least four other family members, the loss of income due to the freeze of orders or the non-payment of orders is a disaster for millions of people. Poverty, hunger and a lack of clean water for the majority of people as a direct result of the strong presence of the textile industry there.

Drip by drip: Year of Giving Water

As part of its campaign, Drip by Drip is looking for 100 brands that donate 15 euros per month for 12 months. With this proceeds, over 6,000 people can be supplied with clean drinking water for a full ten years. In this way, we can jointly pay reparations to textile workers and their families directly affected by COVID-19.

Partners are e.g. Folkdays, Dzaino, Jan’n’June

Every euro counts. Are you there? Do you know brands for which this support could be considered? Happy to pass on.

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