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Dominik Füreder

Dominik Füreder
Dominik Füreder

As product manager of neubau eyewear Dominik Füreder develops the new eyewear collections together with the neubau eyewear team, the designers and the technology. The Austrian brand focuses on premium design, urban lifestyle and sustainability. Everything made in Austria. And that makes them successful. The equally clean and functional glasses have already found many friends in the fair fashion community. But also beyond.

Dominik’s favorite shape of glasses? Its minimal vein is unmistakably expressed in the new building collections.

“I love minimalism,” says the passionate cyclist, “and you can see that in our products. Part of me can be found in all styles from neubau eyewear. ”

What is he constantly working on? To be able to offer the perfect collection. That is why he always keeps an eye out for outstanding new technologies and materials such as naturalPX and natural3D, which new construction uses for its innovative glasses frames.

Good to know: His sustainable commitment also continues in private: Because in his free time he turns his balcony into an outdoor paradise and expresses his passion for nature as an outdoor activist.

In the meantime, the selection in the fair fashion sector is huge and the styles varied. In the accessories area it looks a little thinner. Therefore we are very happy that there are brands like neubau eyewear.