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Barbara Trenti

Barbara Trenti – Bad Seeds Company

Together with her husband Andreas Geier, the South Tyrolean hemp fashion pioneer Barbara Trenti designs sustainable streetwear for her label The Bad Seeds Company and is working on using the fast-growing raw material as a sustainable substitute for plastic.

Barbara Trenti is an all-rounder. The trained biologist used to have her own knitting cafe before she learned to sew and dealt more intensively with fashion – especially with the material hemp. The positive properties of hemp convinced Barbara Trenti to use it to make cool, sustainable streetwear for The Bad Seeds Company. The South Tyrolean hemp fashion pioneer is not one who gives up so easily. With all her strength and a large portion of willingness to take risks, she drives her exciting projects forward. In any case, Barbara and her husband still have plenty of new ideas for their label and the material hemp. The innovative duo is currently working intensively on the topic of hemp as a plastic substitute.

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