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anmila sportswear

anmila sportswear – just as fair as sport

Resource-saving, fair and produced in Germany - these were (and are) the demands that Angela Mittelbach has on contemporary fitness clothing. She has given up looking for suitable parts and founded her label anmila sportswear, for which she produces shirts, leggings and tank tops made from recycled polyester.

Even before home office days, anmila sportswear founder Angela Mittelbach did cardio and strength training before work. In the absence of appropriate sportswear, she got to work herself in 2017. Since 2018 she has had perfectly fitting leggings (from short to floor-length), tank tops and tees in her range. Made from high quality textile fibers from recycled PET (other suitable materials are already being tested). Each in plain or with eye-catching prints by a design team based in Austria.

Twice as good: “The use of recycled materials stimulates a better way of dealing with waste and gives it a second life.” Angela Mittelbach

Motivating and #bodypositivity claims accompany the anmila fan base to fitness and workout as well as wonderfully feminine camouflage prints in light gray, white and pink. Abstract crocodile prints and fantasy motifs with colorful jellyfish, paradisiacal plants make it clear at first glance what is going on: fitness meets fairness. It is clear that this is about the feel-good factor.

anmila sportswear

anmila sportswear – for all those who want to combine fitness and fairness.

Of course, anmila can do more than just beautiful. Breathable, quick-drying, supple and robust are only the components that have a maximum positive effect on wearing comfort. On top of this, there are also sustainable factors. Starting with the OekoTex 100 certified fabrics made from recycled PET, which Angela Mittelbach purchases in Italy. The anmila sportswear collection is manufactured and printed in Germany, which makes communication with suppliers easier and more transparent and shortens transport routes as much as possible. More information about their mission

Perfect companion for outdoor use while jogging, hiking, biking & Co. thanks to high UV protection

The label from Hagen has been Peta-approved vegan since 2018. The perfectly fitting favorite items are sent with DHL GoGreen in order to neutralize shipping emissions through climate protection projects. Anmila takes on the additional costs per delivery because they want to work as sustainably as possible.

And the name? “an” and “mi” stand for the initials (+1 each) of the founder. The “la” at the end is the feminine Spanish article. A reminiscence of Angela Mittelbach’s love for her beloved No.1 travel destination (if she would ever leave Hagen, she would emigrate to).

More information about anmila sportswear. Click here