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Conscious Intimates or – in other words: Anekdot, the upcycling brand from Berlin exclusively uses materials from leftovers, overproduction or offcuts for the production of its limited lace bras and panties, simple bikinis and swimsuits. Designed and made in Berlin and Poland.

Anekdot was founded in 2015 by Sofie Andersson. The reason? Personal use. Because sustainable underwear with charm was still hard to find just a few years ago. The Swedish-born designer, who studied in Florence and worked in London with upcycling experts and Fashion Revolution co-founder, Orsola de Castro, has been making lingerie with history. Stories are told by her delicate lingerie and superbly cut swimwear using existing fabrics. Want to learn more about it? The website reveals where each piece comes from and what it is made of.

“I believe, great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Sofie Andersson

© Anekdot

All fabrics come from waste, overproduction or leftovers in the luxury fashion industry. Sofie gives them a second chance. The designs are determined by the available materials. This type of production restricts. However, she does not see a limit to creativity, but finds her inspiration precisely in this. In order to get sufficient supplies, she is constantly looking for new, sustainable sources – factories that are closing down, production errors or miscalculations.

A passionate love affair between exceptional surplus fabrics left behind by the fashion industry.

Alle Kollektionen werden fernab von Massenproduktion in limitierter Auflage in Berlin und Polen unter fairen Arbeitsbedingungen von Frauen handgefertigt. Das ermöglicht die Kontrolle über den Produktionsprozess und einen reduzierten CO2-Fußabdruck.

All collections are handmade by women under fair working conditions in Berlin and Poland, far away from mass production in limited editions. This allows control over the production process and a reduced CO2 footprint.

“Lingerie und swimwear that don’t cost the world.”

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