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N.O.R.A. – circular shoe design

Flats, boots and booties that are produced almost entirely (95 percent!) From natural materials under fair and transparent conditions and at the same time can play in the top league of style? The Italian shoe designer Simone Gronchi has it for his label N.O.R.A. designed. And because Simone is a perfectionist, his models are of course circular.

Future is not designed. Simone Gronchi is working on it.

Simone Gronchi has been designing shoes for over 30 years. For the big names in international shoe fashion. But this is not about name dropping. The point here is to understand who we are dealing with: Simone Gronchi is the shoe guru who makes countless women’s hearts beat faster with the products that spring from his pen. Who has expertise in the field of contemporary shoe development that is second to none.

With N.O.R.A. a new era begins in shoe design.

And now the visionary shoe guru has taken the decisive step further. Instead of designing for others, he started his own project in 2020: N.O.R.A. That stands for Neoartisanal, Organic, Recyclable, Authentic. In other words: Simone Gronchi has designed a shoe for which he has combined Italian high-end shoe design with the highest standards of sustainability. Because fashion needs more appreciation again. And fashion cannot be thrown away any further. For this reason, Simone Gronchi has developed a concept that enables a new level of sustainable shoe design.


So that “Made in Italy” (or in Simone Gronchi’s case: “Made in Tuscany”) becomes the quality feature that it used to be.

And that means: N.O.R.A. Shoes are made of 95 percent natural materials with a 100 percent transparent supply chain. Vegetable tanned leather meets corduroy made of organic cotton and cactus leather. The supply chain for the materials and ingredients used is as short as possible. Makes sense too. After all, Tuscany is the “Home of Shoe Crafts”. Here the N.O.R.A. Models manufactured in family-run craft businesses. With a partner with whom Simone has been working for decades. In this way, after having worked from the first drawing to the prototype, Simone can give his models to production without hesitation and still meet his social responsibility in an uncomplicated and consistent manner. And at the end of the life cycle: N.O.R.A. returns the shoes and guarantees that they will be fully recycled.


Developed with the aim of polluting the environment as little as possible from start to finish.

His vision? To bring humanity closer to the appreciation for Italian craftsmanship. To revive the appreciation for real craftsmanship. That is why N.O.R.A. produced in Tuscany. Here tradition meets modern technology and expertise. The result? Timelessly beautiful models that never go out of style and do no harm.

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