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Why we are NOT currently offering discounts

Discovered today on Facebook: the brand letter from Christina Wille, founder of the LOVECO Stores on the subject of discounts. We wanted to put this topic on the conference agenda anyway. A look behind the scenes is urgently needed here, so that the context and the meaning of the (vital!) original price reaches the consumer.
Christina Wille © Nora dal Cero

by Christina Wille

Dear LOVECO fans,

for a few days, all we keep reading about are Sales & Discounts: Stayhome Sale, Mid-Season Sale, Corona Sale,.. We are against this and what to explain to you why:

All the items you can see in our online shop at the moment were selected by Christina (the founder of the vegan Fair Fashion LOVECO Stores,

editor’s note) six to eight months ago at our brands. During the last weeks almost everything has been delivered to us and the parts are now in our warehouse or hanging in our (unfortunately) closed stores.

Now is the time where we would sell the new goods to you. We cannot simply return them to the brands. It is ordered by us and we bear the risk. The brands make a high financial advance payment because they produce the goods for months BEFORE delivery and are only paid AFTER delivery.

So you can say: The production and sale of textiles is a very sensitive structure. If one link breaks, the house of cards collapses. If we as retailers are deprived of the basis of our sales (by closing our shops), we do not earn money to pay the outstanding bills. Without our money, the brands also build up debts, so they cannot pay their producers next season. These in turn immediately put their employees on the street.

It’s like a long rat’s tail that extends to the last link in the production chain. In the end, it is not only the brands, producers and us who suffer, but above all the already weakest in this long chain: the seamstresses.

If we were to start the big discount battle right at the beginning of a new season, only everyone involved would lose in the end! So please don’t be sad if we don’t offer discounts in the next few weeks. In the end, they will not help us nor the brands and certainly not the seamstresses.

We promise you: When the situation will hopefully calm down soon, we will make up our announced big sale with parts from the past seasons.

But until then, please shop at the normal price (at our store or at other Fair Fashion Shops). This is absolutely essential for us now and we are already working with a few brands and shops on a joint solution to prevent such discount battles in the eco fashion sector

Stay fair, support fair fashion, pay the full price!

Thank you, Christina, for your passionate statement. We are very happy to join you and hope that everyone understands the urgency of the situation.