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From the dump to the model: animal love for Valentine’s Day

Shoe designer and animal rights activist Viktoria Moser uses Valentine's Day to appeal to true love. In her case: love of animals. Because the committed animal rights activist always keeps an eye on her vegan shoe label of the same name.

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High heels and flats with inner and outer beauty.
This message precisely describes the idea of the designer brand VIKTORIA MOSER. For the Hamburg native with Russian roots, love for animals comes first. For her collections, she relies on “vegan leather” to rule out animal suffering and to inspire women to look for alternatives to classic leather. With success.
Our goal is to stop the use of animals in the fashion industry. Animals deserve a happy life.
Victoria’s dog Jack (pictured) is an example. Jack was rescued from an Abkhazian dump where he was dumped by his former owner after manhandling him nearly to death. When Viktoria discovered Jack on the Baghira Foundation’s social media channel, she covered the costs for his treatment, food and accommodation until he was stable enough to travel to Germany together. Today, Jack is the family favorite of the shoe designer in Hamburg and has just started his “modeling career”.
From the left: JAMIE Flat, 129 euros; REESE 85, 139 euros; JAMIE Vipera, 159 euros

VIKTORIA MOSER vegan designer shoes

Viktoria Moser sees animals as a source of inspiration, not as a source of raw materials. You will look in vain for leather, fur, feathers, silk and glue of animal origin in their PETA Approved Vegan certified flats, pumps & heels. Instead, she uses “vegan leather.” Although the high-tech material is more expensive to produce, it is 100 percent cruelty-free and is made from polyurethane and polyester in an environmentally friendly and water-saving manner.
A modern company must take responsibility for its actions.
The look and feel of leather is imitated perfectly – with better properties at the same time. Whenever possible, recycled materials are used. Her darlings, which are as sexy as they are sustainable, are designed in Hamburg. They are made in the epicenter of the Italian shoe industry in Riviera del Brenta, in family businesses that share the values of the designer and guarantee fair working conditions.

That’s why VM shoes are good for you, the planet and the animals:

*PETA approved vegan
* environmentally friendly production
* Co2 saving
* water saving
* recycled and recyclable
* Upcycling thanks to Bring Back Service
* fair working conditions