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Common conversations

Who's next? Today's youth. Because today 15 to 25 year olds hold up a mirror to an entire society. And it is precisely this age group that the new format from Munich-based TED x YOUTH makers Zibert & Friends is dedicated to. Since August 4, 2020, inspiring discussions with young adults on current topics have been held every Tuesday as part of common conversations.

With common, the innovative, contemporary, lateral thinking Ziberts have created a non-profit organization for young people between 15 and 25 who are on the threshold of adulthood. common offers a platform that should help with talks, interactive workshops, happenings, podcasts, masterclasses etc. to be prepared for a life full of decisions. Away from school and training. Instead of parents and teachers, it is people of the same age who talk about themselves and their projects. About ups, downs, crises of meaning. Opportunities. And at the right time. Now.

For the first time in history, the generations’ understanding of the world is reversed. While many adults barely understand the world any more, the youth have developed an astonishingly precise sense of the present and understand what is going on.

From “Reality Shock: Ten Lessons from the Present” by Sascha Lobo

With common, bridges between generations, regions and milieus are to be built in order to enable a common future – a common future. Because solutions for the future are neither in textbooks, nor can they simply be googled. They arise in dialogue with like-minded people and those who think differently, in trying out, experimenting and discussing.


Now enter in the calendar: Every Tuesday at 8 p.m. there is an exciting conversation between two or more young people to delve deeper into topics, open up new perspectives and inspire them. Do you have any questions about the topics? Then go, because there will be chat soon.

Professional skateboarder Lea Schairer kicked off and talked about the balancing act between freedom and pressure to perform in skateboarding.

For everyone who likes the sensual: On August 11th, RECUP founder Florian Pachaly will talk to Florian Zibert about jobs with meaning. Its smart alternative to the superfluous disposable cup.

You can watch all videos here
All information about the new platform is available here