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Old is the new New is proven by Chloé vd’s with inspiring clothing. Colorful and wonderfully unique silk dresses and blouses are made by Katja von Döring together with the Iranian master tailor, Negin Palang Poshtian, in her studio in Schwäbisch Hall.

New favorite pieces made from artistic vintage silk scarves.

Originally, founder of CHLOÉ vd, Katja von Döring, studied classical guitar and thereafter worked as a guitarist. Today, together with master tailor – Negin Palang Poshtian, who worked as the manager of a factory until her escape from Iran – she produces artistic and sustainable garments in Schwäbisch Hall from used and recycled vintage silk scarves.

Bei CHLOÉ vd ist alt ist das neue Neu.

No new resources are being used for the flowy maxi dresses with refined décolleté, fluttering trumpet and puff sleeves. Her fabrics come exclusively from vintage and second-hand shops, where she lovingly tracks down the silk scarves.

At CHLOÉ vd, large daisies meet juicy watermelons, floral prints and graphic patterns. Paired with an extra portion of color, each piece becomes an unmistakable unique garment. So what inspired the founder? The diverse Japanese tradition of transforming and preserving clothing.

The wonderfully colorful pieces are available in three different cuts and sizes: S, M and L.