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Thomas Mur

Expansion of the Biolife concept – Interview with exhibition director Thomas Mur

The concept of “organic”, “regional” and “fair” has finally arrived in the middle of society. Biolife is based on this with the expansion of the product range to include furnishings, natural cosmetics and fashion. It goes without saying that we will be there again with GREENSTYLE this time.

We were delighted when we announced in 2020 that in November of the same year the GREENSTYLE @ Biolife Bozen would be held for the second time. That should be the analog, real, real comeback after months of digital existence. Like so many events, the Biolife had to be canceled. But we’re not giving up that quickly: That’s why we’re going to make another attempt in November 2021 and are therefore planning another trade fair comeback. The GREENSTYLE will be part of the now realigned Biolife, which from now on will place a stronger focus on sustainable fashion (GREENSTYLE), beauty and lifestyle topics.

The fact that with GREENSTYLE in November 2019 we contributed to the fact that Biolife wants to develop even more in the direction of lifestyle makes us a little proud of course …

Thomas Mur
© 2 x GREENSTYLE & Marco Parisi

For this we have spoken with Thomas Mur, Director Fiera Bolzano AG:

GREENSTYLE: As part of Biolife 2021, the trade fair and conference format GREENSTYLE will be a guest as a pop-up for the second time. The Bolzano Exhibition Center also invests in sustainable fashion …
Thomas Mur: We orientate ourselves towards our visitors and their interests, especially at the public fairs. So we saw that GREENSTYLE brought us a lot of new young visitors. We want to address new, younger target groups. The dynamism that has developed around the appearance has done the Biolife very good. In 2019, GREENSTYLE was guest with seven brands (note: 15 brands were planned for the appearance in November 2020) and this year we will strengthen the cooperation again – despite the difficult times for everyone.

We saw that GREENSTYLE brought us a lot of new young visitors. GREENSTYLE x Biolife is a great match.

For me, this is also proof that such a topic can work in Bolzano. A lot goes wrong in fashion around the world. But there are also inspiring examples from companies that show that things can also be different. GREENSTYLE x Biolife is a great match.

GREENSTYLE: With this edition, Biolife has a new concept. What has changed compared to the last few years?
Thomas Mur: The pandemic showed us a lot – among other things, that our behavior has consequences. How we live, what we eat and what clothes or cosmetics we buy. The concept of “organic”, “regional” and “fair” has finally arrived in the middle of society. In this particular spirit of optimism, we are looking forward to a special Biolife: As the most important platform for certified organic quality products in Italy, it is the meeting point for conscious consumers and producers.

The concept of “organic”, “regional” and “fair” has finally arrived in the middle of society. We give even more space to sustainable cosmetics and fashion.

While the main focus was previously on food, we are consistently expanding the product range to include furnishings and giving even more space to sustainable cosmetics and fashion. The visitors can look forward to workshops on stylish furniture up and recycling and real craftsmanship with many rediscovered natural materials, as well as individual advice on energy-efficient living and the megatrend of urban gardening. We offer visitors a conscious shopping experience, in line with the fair’s motto “Live well, shop consciously”.

Thomas Mur
© Marco Parisi

GREENSTYLE: The Bolzano Exhibition Center is increasingly focusing on sustainability. It should be the most sustainable trade fair in Italy. This was also anchored in the strategic goals. How is this actually implemented?
Thomas Mur: First of all, we used benchmarking to see what international trade fairs are doing that are ahead in these areas. The Scandinavians in particular are leaders here. Based on this, we developed a number of ideas and established priorities. It quickly became clear that the topic is very complex, especially if you try to approach it holistically. Not everything that could be done is economically so easy. Here it is important to weigh carefully. We started with “Waste Management”, because a lot of waste is generated in the vicinity of trade fairs – especially during assembly and dismantling. To do this, we sat down with the relevant players at the local level and looked at how we can optimize the process and drawn up a development plan for the next two years.

The green roof of the bees is now looked after by a beekeeper and the bee colony also produces around 15 kilos of honey per year.

Then the roof had to be renovated. After a long discussion we decided to make the bees roof in Bolzano. The green roof is now looked after by a beekeeper and the bee colony also produces around 15 kilos of honey per year. Another topic is the carpets at the trade fairs. We focus on high quality and carpeting has always been part of that. A recyclable carpet costs two to three times as much. Corona has made this decision for us until further notice, because for reasons of hygiene no carpets are currently used. Who knows, maybe our audience will have got used to it by then? Last year we also introduced that you can also use local public transport with a trade fair ticket. We co-finance that.

You can experience how the new Biolife concept is implemented from November 4th to 7th, 2021 at the exhibition center in Bolzano. There are interesting eco brands from the region and our network at the GREENSTYLE stand. Good to know: A trip to the city of Bolzano is always worthwhile – but now also for sustainable reasons: There you can visit Daniel Tocca’s sustainable Kauri Concept Store or his sister Lisi Tocca’s CORA Store. Also worth a visit: Karin Klammsteiner’s second hand store Kleopatra

We are very much looking forward to coming to Biolife with GREENSTYLE and our exciting sustainable brands.