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3x GREENSTYLE: Let’s do fair(s) together

3x GREENSTYLE: Let’s do fair(s) together

Voilà, here comes the long-awaited GREENSTYLE trade fair comeback. With three events in three cities. With you. With lots of game changing power and GREENSTYLE vibes. These events await you in the autumn / winter season 2021/22

Which direction is best to look in when you want to change something in the system, in consumer behavior, in production conditions, in lifestyle? Clearly: to the front. And that’s why we’re going full throttle after the pandemic-related trade fair break: with three GREENSTYLE events in three cities.

Let’s change that fashion game

After countless rejections, the expansion of our website to the ‘Home Of Sustainable Fashion’, the founding of the GMUC agency for game changer and the opening of GREENSTYLE the store @ Town Hall Munich, one thing is clear: no matter what – we will not give up. Together with you and the GREENSTYLE brands, we are continuing our mission, ensuring more visibility for eco brands, awareness and enthusiasm among consumers and a change in the textile industry.

These GREENSTYLE events await you in the coming months:

November 4.-7.11.2021: GREENSTYLE @ Biolife Bolzano, Italy
December 1.-5.12.2021: GREENSTYLE @ Heim+Handwerk, Munich
January 21.-23.1.2022: GREENSTYLE @ Frankfurt Fashion Week

Sustainability has become an important part of the “new normal”. We can and should show that. For a #postpandemicfuture that we want it to be: transparent and powerfully stylish.


November 2021: GREENSTYLE @ Biolife Bolzano

Last year it didn’t work out due to the pandemic with the GREENSTYLE @ Biolife Bozen – the fair was canceled. But in every crisis there is an opportunity: The last few months have shown how we live, what we eat and what clothes or cosmetics we buy. That is why the Bolzano-based company has expanded Biolife into a 360 ° event for sustainable, conscious consumption for 2021 and expanded it to include fashion (GREENSTYLE), natural cosmetics and lifestyle. Of course, we will be there with selected GREENSTYLE brands when the largest organic trade fair in the Alpine region opens its doors again from November 4th to 7th, 2021. Also included: i.a. Feel-good fashion from Lounge Cherie, espandrilles made from Oceanplastic from Seads

Interested? Brands can apply here >>>

Ticket sales are handled by the Bolzano Exhibition Center. The online tickets are available promptly >>>


December 2021: GREENSTYLE @ Heim+Handwerk

Times are not easy and the challenges are great. But sustainability has never been more important than it is today. In order to make the topic even bigger together, we have entered into a partnership with the Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen (GHM) and will be the GREENSTYLE at Heim+Handwerk, southern Germany’s largest trade fair for living and furnishing, from December 1 to December 5, 2021 (Wednesday to Sunday) , organize at the Munich Exhibition Center. Here we will present selected GREENSTYLE brands their collections and their sustainability strategies to a maximum of interested public. This includes: fair fashion from Passau by Angels Amition, organic leather bags by Alicia Victoria, sustainable high fashion by Frijda Juni, feel-good fashion by Lounge Cherie, espandrilles made of Oceanplastic by Seads

Interested? Brands can apply here >>>

Ticket sales will be organized through Heim+Handwerk and will start online soon. From October free tickets can be picked up in the GREENSTYLE the store @ Town Hall Munich


January 2022: GREENSTYLE @ Frankfurt Fashion Week

With the GREENSTYLE @ Frankfurt Fashion Week from January 21 to 23, 2022, together with the GREENSTYLE Brands Frankfurt and the (fashion) world, we will show how sustainable fashion works. As an official participant in the first analogue Frankfurt Fashion Week. We are very proud that we can be part of this event with the 5th edition, our anniversary event. In this way we can provide an XL push for our topics and sustainable collections after the pandemic-related dry spell. Among others: Fair Fashion from Passau by Angels Ambition, rental capsules by Fairnica, sustainable high fashion by Frijda Juni, vegan designer shoes by Viktoria Moser

Interested? Brands can apply here >>>

Ticket sales will be handled by GREENSTYLE and will start promptly

What makes the GREENSTYLE so special?

The first Fair Fashion Fair & Conference for consumers, trade visitors and the media is much more than a sales event. The GMUC is a new type of marketing tool for sustainable fashion brands and visionaries: thanks to our XL network (media & media partners, multipliers in the sustainable community, partners such as Messe Frankfurt / NEONYT), we ensure visibility among end consumers, trade visitors and the press. This is about networking on site and exchanging ideas with the community. And visibility for your brands. We take care of this in the run-up to the event: on the website, in the newsletter, on social channels. Wherever we can, we will place your brands in the media. GREENSTYLE locations: Amsterdam, Bozen, Frankfurt, Munich.
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