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GREENSTYLE events 2022 – Munich and Bolzano

Why make a mess when we can also make a splash. We need to get louder to make sustainable fashion even bigger. Therefore: two events. Two cities. A month. These events await you in November.

Together with you, the GREENSTYLE brands ensure more visibility for more awareness and enthusiasm among consumers and a change in the textile industry.

These GREENSTYLE events await you (still) this year:

Bolzano: GREENSTYLE @ Biolife | 3.11. until 6.11.22 >>>

Munich: GREENSTYLE @ Heim+Handwerk | 30.11. until 4.12.22 >>>

Sustainability has become an important part of the “new normal”. We can and should show that. For a #postpandemicfuture as we would like it to be: transparent and mighty stylish.


GREENSTYLE @ Biolife | 3.11 until 6.11.2022

It’s better together. Therefore, together with the Bozen trade fair, we have defined how the topic of sustainable fashion can be integrated even better at Biolife, the most important platform for organic quality products in the Alpine region. The GREENSTYLE Area will have an even more attractive location and will be widely advertised in advance. We’d love to have you and your collections with us.

All details and the registration form are available here >>>


GREENSTYLE @ Heim+Handwerk | 30.11. bis 4.12.2022

Finally there is a GREENSTYLE in Munich again. At the exhibition center. We have entered into a partnership with the Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen (GHM) in order to reach even more people with our topic in order to grow out of the green bubble more and more. At the well-visited Heim+Handwerk trade fair. In this way, we get maximum visibility for your brands and can use the purchasing power of trade fair visitors in the busy pre-Christmas period.

All details and the registration form are available here >>>

Ticket sales for visitors will be organized via Heim+Handwerk and will start in October.

What makes GREENSTYLE so special?

GREENSTYLE is much more than a sales event. GREENSTYLE is a marketing tool for sustainable fashion brands and visionaries: Thanks to our XL network (media & media partners, community, partners), we ensure visibility among end consumers, trade visitors and the press. This is also about on-site networking and exchanging ideas with the community. And about visibility for your brands. We take care of that in advance: on the website, in the newsletter, on the social channels. GREENSTYLE locations: Amsterdam, Bolzano, Frankfurt, Munich.

More information >>>